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I have come to the awareness that “democrat” is a synonym for “a**hole.” For more than three months we on the right have been calling for intervention in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York city and elsewhere as the violence and destruction reign. We here have continuously lamented the loss of lives, especially the black lives lost over these months. democrat mayors and governors have repeatedly spurned Donald Trump’s offers to send in Federal assistance in quelling the violence.  Ted Wheeler said he was going to let the rioting “burn itself out” as he refused Trump’s help.



democrats wanted this violence. AOC wanted it to continue.

Maxine Waters called for harassment of Republicans.

Kamala Harris says keep the violence going

And golly, let’s free those rioters to riot some more!






A trump supporter was executed in Portland last night. Biden supporters celebrated

DC is under the control of BLM/Antifa. Shame there’s no mayor to deal with this

At the spiffy new Black Lives Matter plaza in DC BLM announces its new program:

“I’m at the point where I’m ready to put these police in the f**king grave. I’m at the point where I wanna burn the f**king White House down.”

“I wanna take it to the Senators,” he said, in a chilling statement coming just one day after Senator Rand Paul and his wife were attacked in the street outside the White House.

“I wanna take it to the Congress,”

“I wanna take the fight to them. And at the end of the day if they ain’t gonna hear us, we burn them the f**k down.”

Bragging about his own violent actions in New York, the speaker said: “I’m one that talk real sh*t. I talk it in New York and I talk it in DC. The same way I f**k police up in New York, I f**k cops here in DC. The same way I bust police in the head in New York, I bust police in the head in DC.”

Video at the link

As I wrote previously, democrats have shat their pants once they realized that the violence and destruction are not helping them. The democrat Borg collective has begun to attempt to shift the blame from their own miserable failure lives to Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff, the talking anus, flatulated this out:

“The president is willfully fanning the flames of this violence. As his own adviser, Kellyanne Conway, said last week, they believe the violence is helpful to them. And the president is only motivated by one thing. What is in it for him? And he sees this violence and his ability to agitate more of it as useful to his campaign. What it does to the country, the loss of life, he doesn’t care.”

Well, as Schiff has had nothing to say about the violence since it began, you’d have to say his words really stink.

There is no end to the list of democrat liars

I went through Klobuchar’s Twitter feed for more than two months. She said absolutely nothing about the rioting. She’s full of crap, as are all democrats.

Today Ted Wheeler, the a**hole who let the riots burn for 100 days, blamed Trump

This is not going to work. Not only did democrats ignore the chaos, anarchy and death for more than three months, they encouraged it. They said it was working. They said keep it up. They said it was all peaceful.

To be clear, democrats don’t give a flying f*** about the people in these cities. They allowed the rioting to go on for three months unmentioned. Nadler said the violence was a myth. The polls are crashing their party. You have to be pretty sociopathic to pretend to care about the suffering only when jolted by poll numbers.

The funniest thing is watching the democrat Borg collective drones all repeating the same message as though centrally controlled.

Yesterday the violence didn’t even exist for them. Biden will be crushed and they deserve it.

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