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Yesterday democrats embarrassed themselves badly. They made a mockery of what was supposed to be a hearing. In a hearing a witness is summoned and is asked questions and – believe it or not- is allowed to answer. Yesterday was a berating session. Barr was verbally assailed for the entire time and was cut off every time he tried to answer. It was disgraceful. He would have done well simply to leave. The display of contempt and rudeness was beyond anything I have ever seen.

Here is a sample of them shutting down Barr’s attempts to answer

Here Barr hit the nail on the head

Here’s more from this idiot abusing Barr

And one more blowhard

His patience for this abuse was astonishing.

In one of the amusing moments Jabba the Nadler scolds Republicans on not wearing masks

When he did wear it, Nadler used his mask as a means of hiding his snoozing.

TO fully grasp the depth of democrat depravity, watch this

Barr had to wait an hour while Nadler replaced the donuts he lost in the accident but a simple and common courtesy was denied.

But there is more afoot. As you probably expected, this is all a plan. Expect democrats to impeach Barr. They need to do it soon because John Durham will be indicting people shortly and they need to tar Barr to diminish the magnitude of impact of Durham’s work. And there’s more. Yesterday Barr let us know that the John Bash, USA from Texas, is looking into the ridiculous number of unmaskings that took place during the obama regime.

democrats participated in the greatest political conspiracy in the history of the country. The time when exposing just how expansive that conspiracy was will be breathtaking is drawing nigh. According to Adam Housley it’s going to be a barn burner.

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