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Welcome back! Another crazy week, so let’s get to it…

7/17 – The Right To Make A Living. Revived By Virus?

Here’s a first – liberty expanded thanks to the Kung Flu Virus and the Boogie Wuhan Flu!

7/18 – Portland’s New Tourism Ad?

Honest advertising!

7/18 – Photo Of Activist Who Reportedly Painted ‘Baby Lives Matter’ In Front of Planned Parenthood

This might surprise you, but I absolutely hate painting “Baby Lives Matter” in front of PP. Paint “Black Lives Matter” instead – let the Lefties eat their own words.

7/19 – Portland Organizer Lilith Sinclair Calls for Abolition of USA

I used to find it amusing how the Trump presidency gave Lefties the freedom to be honest about how much they despise half of this country. Now I find it disturbing that they now feel no fear of being open about how they despise America and want to destroy it.

7/20 – A clever way to get the Black Lives Matter paintings off the street

This is more like it!

7/21 – Virginia Mandates “Slavery Lessons” . . . For Kindergarteners

Oh FFS what is wrong with Virginia? In Kindergarten – seriously? Here’s a better idea – start teaching 5 year olds that their teachers and elected leaders support an ideology that’s murdered over 100 million people

7/22 – ‘Healthy’ Is Now Racist

Yes, becasue those nonwhites are incapable of taking care of themselves. Nope, nothing racist about that!

7/23 – Bummer: BLM Vandalizes Oakland Mayor’s House

The most impressive part of stories like this is the genuine surprise that these leaders experience when the monsters they rqaised turn on them

7/23 – Sacrificing Children to Progressive Politics

I don’t know about the word “sacrifice” here – to The Radical Left this is a bug, not a feature

7/24 – Democrats continue to lay the groundwork for Resistance II: The Civil War

If there’s one thing that gives me hope, it’s the fact that in today’s version Fort Sumter has been under bombardment for a few years, while for all intents and purposes The Union Army hasn’t even started to mobilize.

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