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Welcome back! Another busy week, and another relatively light post. Let’s get to it!

7/2 – The Coming Collapse of the Republic

You’ve probably seen a story or two like this already, but it’s a good read even if you have.

7/3 – U.N. Warns of Devastating Environmental Side Effects of Electric Car Boom

Even the UN is arguing against one of The Radical Left’s favorite cults

7/4 – 1793, 1776, or 1619: Is the New York Times Distinguishable from Teen Vogue? Is It Living in a Parallel Universe? Or Is It Simply Losing Its Mind in an Industry-Wide Nervous Breakdown?

Q: Stupid or evil?
A: Yes.
Or as The Vodkapundit likes to say, embrace the healing power of “and”


A pretty sobering look at what a Biden presidency might look like

7/6 – Violent Crime Explodes Across American Cities Following Nationwide Protests

To The Radical Left, this is a feature, not a bug

7/7 – California duo charged with hate crime for defacing Black Lives Matter mural

Vandalizing vandalism is now a crime. These are what Robert Heinlein called “The Crazy Years”

7/8 – The Gangsterization of the Democrat Party

I don’t share Gindler’s optimism, but his theory makes sense.

7/9 – Antifa in Tears: The Fragility of the Woke

VDH documents the beginning of the counterattack to protect America

7/10 – 7/10 – Virginia circling the Green New Drain
Pay attention, America. Virginia is a road map for how Democrats plan to punish America whenever we next elect a Democrat President.

Have a great weekend!

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