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6/25 – It Is Becoming Clearer and Clearer What Side the Left is Really On

Damn, I’m actually old enough to remember when cheering on Satan was counter culture!

6/26 – WATCH: White leftists says Black residents better off without police, but Black residents say NO WAY

When will black Americans learn that white Leftists know what’s best for them?

6/27 – Young Woman From Venezuela Warns Americans the Toppling of Statues is ‘Where Revolutions Start’

Remember, every Leftist watching this video sees it as a blueprint, not a warning.

6/28 – The Washington Post makes a laughingstock of itself

I know, I know, it must be a day ending in a “Y”. This is brought to you by teh same jet fuel geniuses who demanded that President Trump pay up his bet when Fauxcahontas proved that she was 1/1024th Native Anerican

6/29 – Washington Post Editor Karen Attiah Calls For ‘Revenge’ Against ‘White Women’

Perhaps the Lefties have a point about this “systematic racism” thing after all…

6/30 – As Rioters Topple Statues of George Washington, DNC Singles Out Another Symbol of ‘White Supremacy’

Perhaps Democrats can bring in their spiritual bretheren from The Taliban to take artillery to these statues for them.

7/1 – Seattle Mayor Outraged That Protesters Showed Up At Her Home

Funny how Leftists suddenly disagree with the policies they cheerlead when it affects them personally

7/2 – 5 Ways You Can Fight Back In The Cultural Civil War

Don’t expect massive tactical advice that will guarantee change, but these small gestures add up after a while. “Army of Davids”

7/3 – Independence Day and the ‘Woke’ Revolution

If Sundown Joe wins in November, we might be able to count down how many more Independece Days this country celebrates. If that sounds insane, keep in mind that the same Leftists are tearing down statues of guys who seceded from America and took up arms to set up an independent terrirtory are now celebrating guys who seceded from America and took up arms to set up an independent terrirtory.

ICYMI – I droppped a quick post about having some fun with a flunky who texted me.

PSA – Remember kids, it’s dangerous for you to handle fireworks. That should be left to the adults who’ve been drinking all day!

Have a great weekend and Happy Independence Day!

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