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Another week, another guided tour of Crazy Town, courtesey of our Lefty pals. Let’s get to it:

6/17 – Kente Cloth Worn by Democrats “does have ties to slavery” – USA Today

Of course, it’s not racist when wealthy white Democrats are pandering

6/19 – “NYC cops have reached the breaking point” – NYPD officers encouraged to STRIKE on July 4th

A preview for what the Dems want to export nationwide

6/20 – Didn’t We Try to Warn You?

I made the same call on slippery slopes about Gay marriage twenty years ago, and The Other McCain is showing how air brushing the Democrats’ racist past has metastasized

6/20 – Seattle Autonomous Zone’s Objectives

At least they’re being honest. Our side needs to shine as much sunlight on this as possible

6/21 – “…..Old Things Are Passed Away; Behold, All Things Are Become New.”

Dude, you don’t mess with Southern college football fans. My prediction is we”l see the fans singing these songs in the stands independent of the school

6/21 – A Hispanic vendor in Tulsa uses Alinsky tactics against a BLM supporter

How about some happy news? If this doesn’t put a smile on your face I don’t know what will

6/22 – That Time Jimmy Kimmel Imitated a Black Comedian and Used the “N” Word Repeatedly

And Jimmy is now “on vacation” for the summer. As much as I hate Cancel Culture, I’m happy taking as many Lefty scalps as necessary, since nothing else will get through to them

6/23 – Democrats create a workaround to advance voter fraud

If Lefties put as much energy into improving this country as they did into destroying it, imagine how incredible the greatest country that’s ever existed would be?

6/24 – Oregon County Exempts Non-White People From Masks if They Have ‘Heightened Concerns About Racial Profiling’

Wouldn’t viruses that knowingly target white people be racist? I’ll never quite understand Leftist science

6/25 – NY BLM Leader Says They Will “Burn It Down” If They Don’t Get What They Want

Before we judge too harshly, this has been the DNC’s motto since the 2000 election. Let’s not be racist and single out BLM!

6/26 – The Left Craps Out

A good read to close out teh week, even if I don’t share the author’s optimism. Today’s Democrats aren’t yesterday’s Democrats, but that’s a separate post in itself.

Have a great weekend!

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