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Joe Biden again claims Russia is in ‘enormous decline ...


I see a day in the life of Joe Biden going this way. They wake him up around 7:30 am. They shower him, and dress him. Then he’s fed breakfast and given his Aricept, He’s handed a script and told what it says and is asked to read it out loud several times.

Then he is taken by the hand and escorted to the basement bunker where he holds forth:

If elected, Joe Biden will not be the true President. He will treated as he is- a dementia affected elderly person. The VP selected not by Biden, but by the DNC, will be the real President so pay close attention to who is selected.

After not too long a period of time Biden could be removed as President with a simple majority of his Cabinet agreeing that he is no longer fit for office. They’ll also likely “discover” his past racist comments.

That’s how it’s going to go down.

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