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Move me on to any black square
Use me anytime you want
Just remember that the goal
Is for us all to capture all we want

As soon as I saw this picture I thought of that song.

The pandering has gotten ridiculous. Over at The Conservative Treehouse Sundance also had a great take on this:

Today democrats took a knee in a great obsequious ceremony for all to see when they presented their bill basically meant to eviscerate police departments across the country. In essence, they pledged fealty.

democrats refused to condemn – or even acknowledge- the Antifa violence:

Every Democrat in the Senate has refused to acknowledge the violence caused by antifa throughout the protests and riots that have occurred since the death of George Floyd.

The Daily Caller contacted every Senate Democrat asking if they would consider legislation to label the group a terrorist organization. Each office was given over 24 hours to respond to the question. The group has been participating in riots since Floyd died while in police custody after an officer put his knee into the back of his neck for over eight minutes while he was handcuffed and on the ground.

democrats cemented their allegiance to BLM and to Antifa when they refused to say whether they were in favor of defunding, disbanding or dismantling police departments:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Democrats have largely embraced the activists packing into streets nationwide to decry the killings of black men and women by law enforcement but so far express wariness at protesters’ calls to defund the police.

While they are clearly attuned to the cries of demonstrators from New York to Los Angeles, some top Democratic elected officials are proceeding cautiously with any suggestion they would slash police budgets to fund programs to address other social ills.

Corey Booker took the coward’s way out:

Senator Cory Booker said during an interview Sunday on NBC News that he understood the sentiment behind the “defund the police” push but would not use that phrase.

Meet the new DNC boss:

Black Lives Matter leader has declared war on the police and plans to release a blueprint for change that involves Black Panther style armed ‘patrols’ monitoring the behavior of officers on the streets, DailyMailTV can reveal.

Hawk Newsome, Chairman of BLM’s Greater New York chapter, says the black rights group is ‘mobilizing’ its base and aims to develop a highly-trained ‘military’ arm to challenge police brutality head on.

Hawk is calling the shots now. Even at the NY Times and the Washington Post

See this scarf they’re wearing?

About that:

Andrea Mitchell laments that this anti-police rhetoric could be used against democrats in the fall:

No one needs to demonize democrats. They did that all on their own. All Republicans need do it remind America of it. No one thinks the police are perfect and can’t do with a bit of improvement but Americans overwhelmingly support them.

We’ll take all those pawns.

Check mate

I’ve seen all good people turn their heads each day
So satisfied I’m on my way
I’ve seen all good people turn their heads each day
So satisfied I’m on my way

Oh, and that song..

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