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The death of George Floyd is a tragedy and justice will be served. As agitators were not content to wait, protests broke out all over the country. Some were peaceful, many are not.

Before sundown on Thursday around 150 protesters marched down the main street in Anna, Illinois, past Bob’s Tavern, Oasis of Grace Church, Douglas Skating Rink and Casey’s General Store holding homemade signs and chanting “black lives matter.”

Nearly a century ago this southern Illinois town of 4,200 residents expelled most of its African-American residents, according to historians.

The rally was held in solidarity with others protesting the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis with a white policeman’s knee on his neck. Some residents said they were marching as a way to try to move beyond their own community’s past.


Their demand now is not for justice, but for vengeance. Groups like Black Lives Matter are not agreeable to waiting for the justice system to work. They want the four cops lynched. Antifa is unconcerned with George Floyd. They just want destruction. They’re claiming this is a race issue.

But there’s a problem.

The death of George Floyd is not a race issue. It’s a police issue.

Virtually everyone you ask thinks all four Minneapolis cops involved in Floyd’s death are white.

They are not.

Two are white (Derek Chauvin and Thomas Lane) , one (Tou Thao) is Asian and one (J. Alexander Kueng) is black. It’s nearly a United Nations of cops.

This doesn’t fit the narrative, which is why no one talks about it- at all. The stupidity doesn’t end there. As I wrote previously, not all black lives matter. Not to Antifa and not to BLM. Many lives have needlessly been lost in the violence.

Nor is this all white cops on black men. Here a black NY cop uses a knee on the throat  of two black protesters within about a minute of each other during a “social distancing riot.”

Watch at 0:06 and 0:21

This is how police are trained to subdue subjects. We can debate as to the wisdom of such action and it certainly appeared to be abused in the Floyd case but it is how they are trained. And by the way, black men aren’t the only victims of this action:

Remember hearing about Timpa? Me neither.

Just when you thought the stupidity had run dry, watch as white trash Antifa children attack a black cop.

Black Lives Matter? No, black lives matter neither to Black Lives Matter nor to Antifa. Minority communities have paid a heavy price for frivolous escapades of BLM and Antifa:

Lucy Hosley:

After this week’s looting and ransacking in Manhattan and The Bronx, Lucy Hosley went viral. The 69-year-old co-owner of the Valentine Deli was seen on a video posted to YouTube, imploring: “They tell me ‘Black Lives Matter.’ They’re lying . . . I’m black, look what you did to my store.”

Hosley told The Post’s Jane Ridley that she witnessed “around 30 young men and women overturning the shelves and causing chaos . . . They had bought cutting tools to break open the ATM and the cash register. At first I felt anger toward the looters. But I can’t let hate consume me. Many of them have been brought up in a society which believes they are worth nothing and they are acting on that. We will rebuild this store and it will serve this community again.”

Oscar Izaguirre:

By looting my store, you’re sending a message that I don’t deserve what I have. But I’m a minority, too. My family and I have worked our whole lives for this.

Abdul Shamim:

All the stores in the area, ­everything is broken. My window, they just hit. They could not break it. But we had to spend a lot of money to make sure it would be safe — $2,700 for locks. I’ve had this business over 10 years, but now we are in a panic situation. I don’t know if we can survive. We are a wholesaler, all of the customers are from overseas. There are no flights. People are not coming. How am I going to pay rent?

Defund the police and it will get much, much worse.

Make no mistake, what happened to George Floyd is a tragedy and justice will be served. BLM and Antifa are exploiting Floyd’s death for their own nefarious and political ends and the collateral damage matters not.

But this is not a race issue.

It is a police issue.

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