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Welcome back! So, did anything interesting happen over the last week to drive our Lefty pals crazy? Let’s see!

5/28 – Hate-Monger Maxine Waters Says Trump’s ‘Dog Whistling’ Led To George Floyd Killing

Please let Biden pick her as his running mate. These are truly two people that deserve each other.

5/29 – Looting for Fun and Profit

Minneapolis will feel the effects of this terrorism for many years to come.

5/29 – Minnesota State Police: Hey, We Thought Those Reporters Were Fake News

I was going to quip that I wished that there were some way for both sides to lose, but I kind of think that’s already happened. If you’d like to watch the video, Conservative Resurgence is a YouTube channel that needs to be part of your video feeds.


Spoiler: the governor lied to us.


Me: I don’t see how my opinion of Biden could get any lower.
Biden: “Hold my model airplane glue.”

5/30 – AG Bill Barr Identifies Antifa Activists as Organizers of National Mob Violence, Looting and Arson…

Encouraging, but I’ll believe it when I see some real action aginst these domestic terrorists.

5/30 – Supreme Court rules in favor of California church restrictions

Maybe church goers should try putting on masks and torching their local police precincts. It seems to get the respect and admiration of Leftists.

5/31 – Blaming White Supremacists For The Riots Is Nonsensical Gaslighting

It would actually be funny if white supremacists groups stried suing media outlets for slandering their good names with the taint of Antifa.

6/1 – PROOF: Antifa’s Violent Tactics (Video)

The events in this video took place a few years ago, but sadly are no less relevant today.

6/1 – Comparing The Floyd Riots To The Boston Tea Party Insults Actual Patriots

Dr. John also gave this a mention in his Stupid Memes post last Saturday. Both are worth your read, as each has some info the other doesn’t address. The reason I’m posting this story goes back to the early days of the current Tea Party movement. Given that Leftists informed us that the movement was racist, does that now mean that today’s “mostly peaceful” rioters are racist too?

6/2 – No evidence white supremacists are derailing the protests, left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center says

Note to Democrats in the media and in office: When a lie is so ridiculous that even the SPLC won’t repeat it, take the freakin’ hint.

6/3 – After Falsely Claiming Tear Gas Use, Media Now Trying To Pretend Tear Gas And Pepper Spray Are Identical

Mollie Hemingway tears into our lying press.

6/4 – Corporate Cruiservative Tim Carney Claims That We Were Wrong To Dismiss Metastacizing Maoism on Campus

As Arnold said so well in Predator, “What do you mean we?”

6/5 – An Orgy of Anti-White Hatred Erupts on Social and Mainstream Media

Well I’ll be damned! The Radical Left warned us that systematic racism is a problem in this country, and it turns out they were right! Albeit not how they’ve been bleating at us…

ICYMI – It was a lie. It was always a lie. I also brought up how The Riots put Democrats’ Racism on Full Display.

Have a great weekend! And enjoy International Day of Slayer on Saturday!

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