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Everybody knows that the Radical Left that has taken over the Democratic Party is full of racists, but it went on particularly ugly display over the last few days. Let’s look at how from several different angles:

First, they Celebrated 

The radicals in the media were waving pom poms as legitimate, peaceful protest quickly escalated to rioting and looting. Instead of rightfully decrying defacing monuments, smashing windows, and stealing from small business owners, these nimrods actually cheered on the destruction of the businesses that served these predominantly non-white neighborhoods. Once again, white virtue signaling holds nonwhite people to lower standards.

Until they realized looting and rioting don’t well with The Normals 

Realizing that outside of deep blue bubbles, Normals in battleground don’t like seeing a few spoiled children allowed to through a massive temper tantrum. The Washington Post noted that many of the instigators were white, even if WaPo couldn’t quite figure out from which end of the political spectrum they hailed.

Of course, not all lives matter. 

A retired cop defending a shop being looted was murdered by looter. Why doesn’t his life matter? It’s almost as if some black lives matter more than others, depending on how well they help to push The Radical Left’s agendas.

And we now learn that apparently Kung Flu is racist. Against white people.

I’ll quote Ace directly on this one: “NPR: New Science Proves That Coronavirus Demands that Conservatives Not Do Things They Want to Do, Like Work At Their Businesses, But Does Not Limit What the Leftwing Wants to Do, Like Pillage and Loot Conservatives’ Businesses.” So a few days ago it was selfish for people to go to church or the beach, but thousands of rioters getting together isn’t going to rack up a massive death toll that Leftists were praying for in states like Georgia and Florida? That leaves us with one of two conclusions: The radical Left either lied about the severity of Coronavirus, or they’re cool with murdering black Americans. There’s no third option.

Remember when minorities were the hardest hit? 

Apparently the virus not only hits minorities more, but it also takes their jobs, more so than white Americans. Black women were also among the hardest hit. Here’s a question for our woke media and politicians. Do you know what really takes away jobs and paychecks more than a “temporary” lockdown? That would be physically destroying the actual businesses that employ these Americans. And for some reason Leftists support taking away these people’s livelihoods permanently? I’d like to believe it’s something other than their racism but can’t find any other reason.

The New Tea Party?

Now The Radical Left is also trying to compare the current riots to The Boston Tea Party. I don’t have much to add beyond what’s in the two links, other than after years of being told that the words “Tea Party” mean racism, it tells us how Leftists secretly view these protests.

George-Soros-Backed Leftwing Radical Attorney General Kim Gardner Has Released Every Single Rioter and Looter Arrested in St. Louis 

And now on the back end, we see the criminals who trashed these non-white neighborhoods getting released from jail, with no consequences. Guess what message this sends to the perpetrators?

I’d like to have some good point to wrap up all of these points, but unfortunately there isn’t. And it should genuinely scare us Normals. as the same people who voted in the leaders that mismanaged their cities & states will end up fleeing the carnage. And at the ballot box they’ll vote for the same policies that caused them to flee. I genuinely miss the days when Kurt Schlichter novels were fun, escapist reading instead of what’s looking more and more like a brilliant prophesy.

To close on a somewhat positive note, this first tweet will make you smile. It’s too cool to be real, but hopefully it will inspire all of us

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