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I’ve been saying this in various Comments Sections for a while now, and that it deserved a quick post of its own. But then this post quickly grew, hence part of the reason it took longer to write & publish. To quickly recap the Democratic Party’s coronated nominee:

Joe Biden has been in politics for nearly 50 years, forever being an embarassment to the state I called home for seven years, Delaware. His style as a politician has been what @Iowahawkblog once decribed as “Bully, bluster, and bulls***” (censorship mine). Back in the 80s his presidential campaign was drailed by a plagiarism scandal. So he spent decades in the Senate as a media darling for for blunt, obnoxious style. He reached his peak politically when he was selected as Barack Obama’s running mate, and would go on to be one heartbeat from the presidency for the eight years of the Obama’s two terms.

Fast forward to 2020. There’s no nice way to say this, but it is obvious to anyone that Biden is losing it. But the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner and they know it. Even reliable eunochs in the press are calling for him to step aside. After the 2016 debacle of enraging their most rabid base by rigging the early primaries for Hillary, this time the Dems were smarter as to how they would dispatch Bernie and avoid a down ticket electoral bloodbath. So they had each of his remaining challangers drop off over a few weeks so that the Dems could quickly coalesce around the only candidate they could count on to beat Bernie in the primary without alienating the Sandernistas. As if Joe’s apparently early dementia weren’t enough, over the last few months we’ve also learned of credible accusations of sexual assault against Creepy Joe. And even worse, his name is being featured prominently in Obamagate.

And I couldn’t be happier for both sides. Democrats & Biden, you truly deserve each other. Dems, for all of your “Every vote must count!” hysterical bleating, your presidential nominee process is voter suppression in its purest form. The Bernie Bros haven’t forgotten how you stole the early primaries in 2016. In 2020 you at least had the sense to not be so blatant, although now your true colors are showing again. I had no issue with you convincing the various dwarves running in your primary to drop out in the name of avoiding a brokered convention. But now that it’s apparent that Sundown Joe has no business even speaking in public, much less having his finger on the nuclear trigger. If you believe in honoring the vote, Joe should step aside and you should nominate the 2nd place finisher, the New England Bolshevik, electoral carnage be damned. Besides, if your extremist values are so great why not nominate the candidate who’s completely honest about how he wants to destroy America?

Now we have Tara Reade’s accusations of sexual assault by Gropey Joe. Now I know, right now the spittle is flying from the lips of you Lefties reading this as you snarl, “B-B-B-B-ut… TRUMP!!!!” Yes, I know that there have been numerous accusations agaisnt our president, and I’m not a hypocrite for not caring about them. Why? Because your side is filled with lying scumbags. Forgetting for a moment some egregious whoppers like Harry Reid, The Covington Crucifixion, the Tea Party Crashers, or the Congressional Black Caucus, for the moment I give you two words: Brett Kavanaugh. We saw a stream of liars try to slander a man in front of his family with false rape charges. You elevated Blowsey-Ford to sainthood for these lies, and I haven’t heard a single Leftist in office nor in the media condemn her. I’m not saying that President Trump  definitely did not do anything wrong. Longtime readers will recall that I disliked him as a person long before it was cool. But I base my opinions on evidence, and evidence tells me that there is no lie to massive or too ridiculous for you to not spread for your “greater good”, so if you don’t like that I choose to not believe you, clean your own damned house first. You don’t get to yell at me if I don’t mow my lawn as often as you’d like when your own yard is overgrown, has a rusting car up on blocks, and is filled with piles of dog turd.

And your #BelieveAllWomen prayer? Yeah, so much for that. Now I absolutely agree that Sniffy Joe has his right to a fair hearing, and all that we ask is that you give Joe the same treatment you gave to Kavanaugh. Except with facts. You’re not willing to do that, you say? You’ll vote for him anyway? You’ll have to forgive us if we apply your own standards to your politicians. And we’re fine with giving Sniffy Joe a very public, prolonged chance to defend himself, while your side sues for the right to ignore due process. Get bent.

Collusion with Ukraine? Oh yeah, that “scandal” you projected onto President Trump? No, what actually happened was that Quid Pro Joe gave a full confession on live TV about his quid pro quo with Ukraine. The Chinese? Look no further than who’s financing his son, Hoover Biden’s coke habit. Stop telling us that our president is a foreign agent, Russian puppet, etc. Last I checked, this administration never handed Iran a pallet of cash to build nuclear weapons or sold Uranium to the Russians in return for speaking fees to the president’s spouse or “charitable donations” to The Trump foundation. But that’s an aside for another time. And you’ll noticed that I’m not howling “EMOULMENTS CLAUSE!” over any of these folks. Since you care so much about it when you allege that it’s influencing President Trump, why does it not apply to Democrats?

Want to play the race card? Sorry, not this election! What better way to fire up the base than to have an old white man tell black Americans that they’re not black unless they stay on the plantation! Then again, this strategy is good for firing up their crucial base of priveliged white Leftists. And let’s not forget Gaffe-tastic Joe’s previous racist remarks about convenience store emplyees, and even The Lightbringer Himself. Have fun trying to put another charge on what even a reliable Lefty like Jon Stewart called your maxed out race card. Bonus question: Given how brilliant you Lefties tell us you are, how is it that President spent roughly three decades as a very public figure, you only “discovered” his racism after he became your latest Emmanuel Goldstein?

Now we have #ObamaGate, a scandal on a level that makes Nixon look like a piker. Having a president who used the power of the state to try to steal an election, and then try to engineer a soft coup against that president is nothing less than chilling. Don’t worry, nobody who’s guilty will face justice, but seeing a two tiered system of justice isn’t lost on the many Normals in America. And you’ll get to hear about this as the elction approaches.

And let’s not forget decades of you excusing every stupid, sexist, or racist remark to spew out of his pie hole as “Oh, that’s just Joe being Joe.” You never called him out, not even once. Well guess what – Now you’ve crossed the Rubicon, and you get to own every bit of what my old soccer coach called “Diharrhea of the mouth” that Sundown Joe spews. When he carried on like a 13 year old in his first debate against Paul Ryan in 2012, you laughed and cheered him on, oblivious to how you were setting a new standard that would come back and bite you hard just four years later. He’s your champion, and calling him out now only helps Orange Man Bad, so now he’s to be the face of the Democratic Party in 2020. You got a kick out of a bunch of unprofessional “Psychologists” who performed long distance diagnoses to try to invoke your silly 25th Amendment argument. Maybe you should try that same standard on someone who is quite visually mentally impaired?

Now on to Sundown Joe himself. As a rule I hate it when people make fun of the elderly, especially if they’re suffering from some disease that kills off their mental capabilities. Specifically, I remember being annoyed by The Onion and Family Guy making fun of Reagan’s dementia. But in Joe’s case I’ll make a notable exception. Joe is an unrepentant sphincter muscle. “But Brother Bob”, you might be asking, “Can’t the same be said about you?” And you would be correct, but we are very different types of unrepentant sphincters. Biden made his bones by rewriting the rules of how (conservative) Supreme Court justices are treated during their confirmation hearings. His smears ruined Robert Bork, and nearly did the same to Clarence Thomas. We’d see this through his debates with Paul Ryan, and one comment he made during the 2012 campaign still sticks with me. Who can forget that line that sums up Joe more perfectly than “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains“? Hey Tourette’s Joe, since I held my nose & voted for Romney, I am part of that “they”. So he can go to blazes – if there is one person singly responsible for normalizing Democrats openly showing their hatred for half of this country it would be you.

And sorry Lefties, don’t take my criticizing Biden’s lifetime of being a horse’s rear end as the same kind of hatred you harbor for our president. Just like with President Trump’s dog eating, coke snorting, America hating predecessor, I dislike the guy but I don’t hate him. In fact, nothing would make me happier than if Sundown Joe made a public statement about his condition, a brief apology, or at least some regret over what he’s done to the public discourse in this country, concluding with his desire to be with his family at a time when they need each other.

But as long as Biden continues to pretend that he’s fit to be President and keeps up that charade, then his final act being a lengthy public humiliation is exactly the closing chapter that his career deserves. And Democrats, for all of your endless shrieking over our current president, you get a nominee who legitimately embodies everything you claim to hate about President Trump, just without any of his qualities. And you deserve each other.





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