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Welcome back, all! Relatively light post this week – lots going on in Bob World. Let’s get to it:

4/17 – Americans Revolt Against Outlaw Socialist Governors

Our Overlords are shocked! Shocked I say! that you can only push the peasants so far before they revolt

4/18 – WATCH: Bill Maher Warns Media “Trump calls you Fake News. Don’t make him right”

Maher makes one of his rare good points. Unfortuantely for him this ship sailed long ago.

4/18 – Land O’ Lakes drops iconic Native American maiden from package

Stories like this make me wish that we used Land O Lakes so I could stop using it

4/19 – COVID19 models – a lesson for those who trust climate scientists-Joe D’Aleo

This image says more than I ever could:

Is there a tax I can pay to stop Coronavirus, or does that only work for Climate Change?

4/20 – Rep. Dan Crenshaw politely destroys Bill Maher’s blame game against Trump

We need more Republicans who can calmly eviscerate Leftists like Crenshaw can

4/21 – Michael Moore Admits He Had No Idea Where the Juice to Power Electric Cars Came From

I actually appreciate when Lefties are honest about their ignorance.

4/22 – A Science Project in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Warning to any Lefties who may click the link: This Earth Day video contains actual “facts” and “science”, so be warned that it may cause you anxiety!

4/23 – AOC Has Reached A Level Of Batsh*ttery That Defies Every Rule Of Batsh*ttery To Date.

Once again, I find it refreshng that Democrats finally feel comfortable enough to publicly admit how much they despise half of America.

4/24 – The Democrats will lead America into Britain’s disastrous post-WWII economy

I’d call this the Law of Uniintended Consequences, but does anyone doubt that Democrats take joy in watching average Americans suffer?

ICYMI –  I dropped two quick posts this week. I pointed out a spectacular failure in distance learning with Fairfax Don’t Need No Education. I also asked deverybody if they Remember When the Press Didn’t Hate the American People?

Have a great weekend!

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