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Welcome back! We’ve now survived Little Bob’s spring break – next week getting back to school is going to be fun. Happy Easter and Passover – hopefully your family is doing better than these folks:

4/1 – As Americans Go Broke, Sanders Demands Taxpayers Give Terrorist Hamas $75 Million

Terrorists over taxpayers – today’s Democrats!

4/2 – Oregon Court Affirms Conviction of Journalist Who Pulled Gun to Stop Advancing Antifa Mob

This needs a post of its own – at what point when the legal system is clearly favoring criminals do we start seeing a rise of vigilantes?

4/3 – In Case You Missed It, Progressive Towns Which Banned Plastic Bags Now Turning To Them

Plastic bags. Guns. Cars. Single family homes. Right now it’s really tempting to give Razorfist’s NSFW languaged proper response.

4/3 – Did fear of being labeled ‘racist’ lead to the deaths of thousands from COVID 19?

Now Democrats’ racism is costing lives.

4/4 – German Public Law Professor, High Court Judge: Climate Crisis “Requires Freedom-Limiting Measures”

Personally, I find this kind of honesty refreshing.

4/4 – Hispanic Caucus Says ‘ICE Must Release All’ Illegal Aliens amid Coronavirus Crisis

In all fairness, they are trying to represent their constituents. I’m actually old enough to remember when Democrats at least pretended to put America first.

4/5 – Mr. Renacci Goes to Washington

A good Post-Mortem of a Tea Partier’s decade in office in DC.

4/5 – Is The Corona Virus ‘A Crystal Ball’ Into Socialism and Bigger Government?

As we’ve already seen, they are absolutely not letting this crisis go to waste. Damned sure Republicans can’t do the same for the American people. On a related note, be sure to check my ICYMI link below

4/6 – Milano’s Biden Defense Is More Pathetic Than You Can Imagine

Not the most crucial story right now, but it’s important that once we get clear of this both Sundown Joe and all of his “Feminist” supporters get a bright light shone on their hypocrisy.

4/7 – WATCH: Steven Crowder calls NBC News reporter, confronts her about article on lady who drank chloroquine fish tank cleaner and it doesn’t go well…

Silence, peasant! It is beautiful watching these jackals beat the drumbeat of their own extintion march.


A fun look at what a diseased body The Profession Formerly Known as Journalism has become. As I’ve read in a few other places, if the MSM were taking its job seriously, they’d be pulling all of the Jim Acostas off of the White House press briefings and instead sending their employees who cover science and medicine.

4/9 – Triggered: WaPo Imagines McConnell Confirming Judges ‘on a Throne of Skulls’

A fun read of how deranged writers at The Washington Compost have become. This story makes the cut for the great photoshop of some old Conan the Barbarian book cover art at the end that Jon Gabriel (@exjon) tweeted.

4/10 – Progressive Destruction: The Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Abolish the Family

Q: Stupid or evil?
A: Yes

I’m actually old enough to remember when one of the Leftists’ mantras was “Keep your laws off of my body”.

ICYMI – I offered a counter to how The Radical Left is trying to exploit the crisis to push their extremist agendas – I offered a counter for our side by pointing out that This is the Crisis that Every Citizen Can Not Let Go to Waste

Have a great weekend!

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