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I’ve said it before. New York has a hapless Governor and a clueless Mayor. They’re running around wailing about the ventilators they need and don’t have while the not using what they already have on hand.

In the mean time, they are allowing the Chinese virus fire that is COVID 19 to continue to spread unabated through the city. This is something else I’ve said before. NYC has an Achilles heel.

Mass transit.

Mass transit is the blood of the city. The city cannot live without it. It is used not just by commuters, but by all kinds of essential personnel. It has to used in far more wise way.

This is a video of the current subway service in the city.

A fed-up straphanger went off the rails on social media over recent packed city subway cars, trashing the MTA for its alleged shoddy service and posting videos of stuffed trains in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re all going to f–king die,” the woman says in a YouTube clip shot Friday. “Packed. And then you continue to say 6 feet away from each other. How is this possible?

“How is this possible with the MTA?” said the woman, who described herself as an essential health care worker who commutes from the Bronx to Queens. “Last week, the trains were empty. And now, this week, it’s packed. This is (a) death trap, and we have to go to work. And you have people waiting 20 minutes, a half-hour in between, because MTA workers are sick.”

Someone says

“Gov. Cuomo, how serious are you?” she said. “The MTA has to be addressed.”

Damn right.

Because the subway service has been cut back, the cars are jammed as is seen. This is counter to the necessary 6 feet of social distancing needed to help “flatten the curve.”

New York City has to expand service and strictly limit the number of riders on each car. This sounds draconian, but it is not done NYC will lose many more than they already will.

There is no question that MTA workers have suffered, but they are critical and they need help. Full blown respirators need to be given to subway operators and their cabins sealed and properly disinfected. This is one place the National Guard could of service.

Something has to be done with the subways or New York will be destroyed.


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