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Welcome back! Week two has been a little bit better than week 1 – not as many panic shoppers and a week of experience home schooling Little Bob  has our household a little bit more confident. But first, let’s hop into The Wayback Machine of a few weeks ago:

3/8 – California Is a Cruel Medieval State

Victor Davis Hanson gives another of his great takes on Northern Venezuela

3/17 – The Gateway Pundit Reader Offers This Message of Hope – “You Are Good – Never, Ever Forget That!”

There is some correlation between this and why us Normals are much less likely to panic than the Lefties

3/18 – Time to ban wet markets

If you’re unfamiliar with what these are (like I was before I read it), this link is a good read

3/18 – Marvel Is Cancelled.. (Video)

How about something non Corona related? Marvel is rolling out a new team of “superheroes” consisting entirely of SJWs. It’s so bad that it reads as if one of  us wrote a perody. While there are a number of great videos on this, the one I posted here from The Quartering got picked because it gets a live reaction of someone hearing the news for the first time. A great diversion! And if the kids aren’t in the room here’s a brilliant parody of the original, NSFW language.

3/18 – New Marvel Superhero ‘Cuckold’ Wears Name as a Badge

The NSFW language at the end of the first paragraph should be the tipoff that this link is satire. But things have gotten so ridiculous that it took me 2 or 3 paragraphs before I figured it out.

3/19 – We Are So F***ing Done With China

Yes, this is one of the stories (H/T Flopping Aces commenter Kitt) that makes the cut for it’s title. At the end of the post is that great short viral video where a Hong Kong protester offers some very constructive advice for President Trump!

3/20 – Democrats want climate action included in coronavirus aid

Not quite as bad as Botox Nancy first attempt at trying to weasel in language to fund abortions, but WTH is wrong with these people?

3/21 – Washington Post Publishes Call for End to Live Broadcasts of Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings as Four New Polls Show Majority Approval for President’s Handling of Crisis

Remember when they were crying that President Trump wasn’t giving them enough press conferences? Now they’re angry that a nations leader is giving the public frequent updates during a crisis, often handing the mic over to expert who can speak in greater detail. They should be thankful that there is news for them to report that keeps them from having to cover for Sundown Joe’s latest dementia driven rant.

3/21 – UK’s Biggest Solar Farm Poses Grave Risk To Public Health

This is part of why every Leftist “Mandate” revolves not around substantial. realistsic plans, but rather basic efforts to exert more control over the population. And funnel more money to their “research”

3/21 – Maryland Democrats Reject Gun Violence Bill Amid Gun Violence Epidemic

Again, in fairness to Democrats, they are taking care of their constituents who voted them into office, namely criminals.

3/21 –  Joe Biden Plans to do Mystery Science Theater on Trump Press Conferences

I’m guessing that Hillary starts doing this in the bathroom mirror every afternoon with an empty bottle of Two Buck Chuck in her hand.

3/22 – SHAME: Democrats Opposed Travel Bans Now Being Implemented Worldwide to Slow Coronavirus

Let’s start converting empty office space in congressional buildings and those that house “news” organizations for clearing new arrivals to the US. This will be what everyobe will agree to be a win-win.

3/23 – Nancy Calls the Shots In California

I do have a few friends out in California who are among the Normals (or at least somewhat normal) and feel genuinely bad for what they have to live under. That said, California epitomizes that great Mencken quote that “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

3/24 – Nearly a Million Children Left Behind in Venezuela as Parents Migrate

Not Real SocialismTM

3/25 – Don’t Bail Out the Airlines

While I agree with the post’s title, I’m surprised that the usually really thorough Don Boudreax made no mention of spending on stock buybacks, as opposed to trivialities like R&D. Granted, in Delta’s case it’s not as bad as it first appears, I’d hold off on buying any airline stocks as value purchases. They’re my #1 candidate for the industry that the Dems choose to be the top one that they demonize.

3/26 – ‘Economist’ Runs Chinese Coronavirus Propaganda Disguised as News

I’m old enough to remember wheb The Economist was a respectable news publication. At some point I’ll have to drop a post about why I dropped my subscription around when Obama was first elected.

3/27 – Why is the Media Exempt from Coronavirus Business Shutdowns?

Good point. And given how they’ve behaved since the breakout started one could make the argument that the media is a threat to public health.

ICYMI – While Nancy Pelosi’s behavior this last week was nothing less than, well, Deplorable, let’s not forget that The Media Is Complicit in Pelosi’s Attempted Extortion

Have a great week – stay safe!

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