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The Wuhan Corona virus continues to spread. The exact mode is still in some debate. While droplet transmission is not in question, there is disagreement about transmission via aerosolization. More recently doctors like Marc Siegel on Fox opine that the virus is spread by symptomatic patients coughing or sneezing upon others. So how do we fight this other than accommodating the obvious steps?

There are divergent paths to be considered: the ones in which countries are seeing fewer cases and deaths and those which continue to see them rising.

Forget China and pay no attention to anything happening there. They lie about everything. China stopped reporting mild cases in February and are under-reporting cases now.

Japan and Korea seem to have a relatively good handle on the disease.

In Japan masks for all seems to be a very good policy

From the study cited:

It was found that a 50% compliance in donning the device resulted in a significant (at least 50% prevalence and 20% cumulative incidence) reduction in risk for fitted and unfitted N95 respirators, high-filtration surgical masks, and both low-filtration and high-filtration pediatric masks. An 80% compliance rate essentially eliminated the influenza outbreak. The results of the present study, as well as the application of the model to related influenza scenarios, are potentially useful to public health officials in decisions involving resource allocation or education strategies.

Here is the link to the study and others.

The fastest growing venue for COVID 19 in the US is New York City. IMO, it is because of one thing- mass transit.

People are jammed together in trains, subways and buses and are at high risk for contracting the virus should an infected individual be on board. Realistically, mass transit can’t be halted but there are measures which can and should be taken.

  1. N95 masks for everyone

I know there is a shortage of masks but at some point this will be resolved. The earliest supplies should first be sent to NYC and other urban areas which see continued increase in viral loads and then on to rural areas. Everybody should get one. They can be reused if properly decontaminated.

        2. Take the temperature of all trying to board mass transit


Won’t be easy, but even if done on a revolving basis can limit exposures.


        3. Limit the number of riders on any train, bus or subway to ensure “social                       distancing”


Again, a real inconvenience but necessary.


        4. Refuse boarding to symptomatic people


This should be completely unnecessary but unfortunately it is.

In the meantime people should continue to observe all of the CDC recommendations.

And frankly, isolate Bill DeBlasio and keep him quarantined and keep him in isolation and out of public contact until this crisis is past. Andrew Cuomo is doing a good job. DeBlasio need to get out of the way.

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