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The Chinese Coronavirus is bringing out a particularly ugly side to The Radical Left. They’re losing the war of their primary narrative of Orange Man Bad, and don’t care what the consequences of their actions are. I could easily go on for a few thousand words of how they’re irresponsibly whipping up hysteria among their gullible followers (and I’m not suggesting not taking precautions, just to not panic), how they’ve become the useful idiots for the Communists that rule the Chinese people, nor the stupidity and hypocrisy of suggesting that referring to the virus by the geographic area from which it originates as… wait for it… you knew this was inevitable… RAAAAAAACIST! And yes, I now that theire are five “A”s in racist, but I decided that they earned a brownie point and get an extra “A” this time.

The one angle that I’m looking at that hasn’t been addressed in the flood of current articles on this topic is why the MSM’s collective focus has shifted to “Racism”. Why? Very simply, their all consuming reason for existing since November 2016 is “Cheeto Hitler EVIL!!!”, facts or reality be damned. The current epidemic was that golden ring that they’ve been desparately lunging for for three years of ending the Trump presidency. They hoped that they could blame the virus’s spread on President Trump – no dice, at least not outside their bubble. Shriekimg at the market drop while ignoring any rebound? Nah. Or how about the desparation of some loon on MS-13NBC calling for arresting our president on homicide charges? Even CNN hasn’t touched this one. Yet. So why the need for racism to be the next failed narrative?

Very simply, the MSM knows they have nothing left. Their efforts to turn the American people against their president have failed so badly that they last arrow they have left in their poisoned quiver is so tired that even Leftist icon Jon Stewart long ago warned them that their race card was overdrawn. It is literally all that they have left. As you saw from the link earlier in the post the media and Vichy Conservatives is now declaring a simple term that they used for months is now racist. Yes, seriously. Forget the obvious questions here, such as “When did your own behavior suddenly become racist, and are you ready to apologize?” Or how about, “Maybe we should look at who’s funding all of these sudden Sino-philes?” Or even, “Hey oh great and exhalted Party of Science – when did China, or Wuhan, suddenly become the identity of every Asian on this planet? I’m sure that the Japanese and Koreans in particular would love for you to tell them that they’re all Chinese.”

Let them have at it. They’re voices keep diminishing, and when we come out on the other side of this we will probably see a reckoning day. And it is long overdue.

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