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As I opined previously, the left is reveling in the misery of the country as long as it visits harm on Donald Trump. It’s not bad enough that foreign sources are fomenting more panic than exists presently by disseminating disinformation– and they are.

Trump administration officials say a foreign disinformation campaign is trying to spread fear amid the coronavirus pandemic, with false rumors of a nationwide quarantine and more.

A senior administration official told Fox News on Monday that it is imperative to ensure the information about the novel coronavirus is coming from verified outlets.

“There is an ongoing effort to spread disinformation and cause undue panic,” the official told Fox News, specifically referring to the rumors of a nationwide quarantine. “There is no national quarantine for the United States.”

The official added: “It’s important we remain vigilant in ensuring our information is coming from verified sources.”

It is almost certainly coming from the same source as the virus- China.

China also has been shopping around the assertion that the Chinese Wuhan Virus came from the US military.

A spokesman for the Chinese government on Thursday promoted a conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was brought to the city of Wuhan by the U.S. military.

“It might be US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan,” said Zhao Lijian, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Business Insider reported.

The comment, an alternate explanation Beijing is pushing amid global criticism of the country’s failure to mitigate the virus, comes as the Chinese government has increasingly disputed widespread international reporting that the virus was first detected in Wuhan.

The conspiracy theory, which has recently gained steam in China, instead suggests the virus was brought to the country in 2019 by U.S. athletes participating in the Military World Games that were held in Wuhan.

The left wing media has been lapping all this propaganda up and siding with China it to amplify fear in the US.

You will remember how after calling the the virus the Wuhan virus it suddenly became racist once the Chinese government ordered it so:

Well, that was just the beginning of it.

DNC Chair Tom Perez questioned the religious faith of Trump supporters

“I think the challenge that I see among a lot of people that go to Donald Trump rallies, and then they will go to church on Sunday, and I’m not … I don’t know what faith they are worshiping.”

Adam Schiff, seething as he watches the case against Michael Flynn collapse and Trump’s potential pardon looming, lashed out at Trump with another falsehood

“Mr. President, keep your focus on the current crisis. The delay in testing and your failure to lead are already costing us dearly. Your attacks on the independence of the justice system and rewarding of cronies who lied for you can wait. Incompetence kills.”

The left wing media has repeatedly accused Trump of dissolving the Pandemic Response Team. False.

In reality, the pandemic expert — Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer — left the National Security Council (NSC) voluntarily after then-National Security Advisor John Bolton was appointed.

Bolton disbanded the unit that Ziemer was supervising as part of an effort to downsize the bloated NSC staff. The purpose of the unit, which had overseen the global fight against Ebola, had largely been fulfilled.

It is true that Ziemer and his unit have not yet been replaced.

The Trump administration has indeed proposed cuts to the CDC, but they have not been passed by Congress.

Trump has not “defunded” the agency, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar has said that the new proposed budget would, in fact, prioritize the fight against coronavirus.

Adds Tim Morrison:

Trump did not reject testing by the World Health Organization

Rep. James Clyburn whipped out the Hitler card

Rep. James Clyburn, the top-ranking African American in American politics, told “Axios on HBO” that President Trump is a racist who hired white supremacists, warning America “could very well go the way of Germany in the 1930s.”

Jennifer Rubin gleefully predicted (hoped?) that more Republicans would die of Corona than democrats

So, I hate to put it this way, but there will be less Democrat deaths because there will be less mass gatherings, there will be less opportunities for people to congregate and share this horrible disease. So it is really a very short-sighted strategy.

Mara Gay of the NY Times tweeted this today:

Naturally, that was a partial quote and misrepresentation. The complete quote was

“We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

You might remember Mara Gay. She was one of the two idiots (the other being Brian Williams) who proved that they each failed basic math

But no one is more disgusting, slimy and scummy than Lawrence O’Donnell.

As far as democrats and the left wing media go, there is joy in Coronaville. There is celebration in misery.

So do yourself a favor. A lot of things are going to be closed for the rest of the month. Add the left wing media to that list.

And follow the CDC recommended guidelines.


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