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Welcome back! Let’s get straight to the crazy:

2/2020 – It’s Not Fair, Change the Rules – Why We Have the Electoral College

A clear and succinct defense of the Electoral College

2/19 – Over 30 Students Suspended at Syracuse U. for Occupying Administrative Building

We just don’t get enough happy stories like this these days.

2/21 – When #BelieveAllWomen collides with transgender ‘rights’

I guess we can add a third category to the list of “Groups who Leftists have no problem with when they start raping.” Of course, the first two are Islamists and Clintons.

2/22 – HOW TO KILL BERNIE! (Politically)

Good read, coming from a Lefty. The one I found most interesting was #7 – I remember this same tactic being attempted against the Tea Party. Which begs the question, if Leftist arguments are so solid, how come they don’t have a single issue that they can argue without lying?

2/23 – Electric cars are a hazard on motorways, Government admits

A Leftist agenda not accomplishing what we were told it would! I am shocked! Shocked I say!

2/24 – How CNN Set Me Up For The Near-Riot Parkland Town Hall

Remember, these are the people who consider themselves our moral and intellectual superiors.

2/25 – Leftists attack an inaccurate meme as a way to silence opposition to Bernie’s plans

Ah, use of that classic philosophy that dries Leftists crazy: Math.

2/26 – Why Bernie Sanders As Democrats’ Nominee Would Be Best For The Country

The article makes the valid point that the Democratic party being dragged further left isn’t good, and the reason I’m posting this is summed up with this paragraph:

Like it or not, the socialists are here. The only way to change that is to crush their ideas at the ballot box and thereby convince Democrats it’s in their interest to expel them from mainstream American political discourse. If we let the movement fester, there is no guarantee the next face of the socialist left will be a septuagenarian with a history of celebrating murderous dictators or that they will be making their appeals against the headwinds of economic plenty. Let’s gird for that fight now rather than postponing it for another day when conditions may be less favorable.

2/27 – The Most Likely Result of the Democrat Party — Now a 50% Likelihood — is “No Winner/Brokered Convention”

Ace surprisingly buried the best part of this story – apparently now Sandernistas are harassing Democratic officials in their homes. And don’t think for a minute that I’m not loving every bit of having these bastards watch the Brown Shirts they coddled and nurtured turn on them.

2/28 – Miracle on Ice Meets Cancel Culture

One almost has to admire the new and creative ways that Leftists find to hate America

ICYMI – I asked the question Why is is this Virginia School District Promoting Religion and Stealing from the Poor to Pay for It?

And be sure to read the last tweet. It’s written by a Lefty and she does a great job of ripping on the remaining candidates.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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