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Welcome back! Lots of crazy this week, starting with a few from a while back that I missed on the first pass:

2/13 – ABC suddenly notices the ‘heat island’ effect in cities

Yep, this didn’t exist when it contradicted Climastrology, but does when it can be distorted to support the narrative

2/14 – Must See: Leftist Environmentalists Take Over Seattle City Council

The funny and sad part is that they genuinely think these antics help to get them taken seriously!

2/15 – Karlyn Borysenko of New Hampshire walks away

I know, it’s not news to us but is to any good Leftist

2/16 – Pro-Crime Policies Don’t Appeal To Black Voters – Where Black Voters Really Stand On The Black Lives Matter Agenda.

What’s that phrase Leftists like to use? I believe it’s “Voting against their own interests”

2/17 – Anti-Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger Thanks President For Addressing Homeless Crisis


2/18 – Return of squeegee men a sign of the decline of de Blasio’s New York

“DeBolshevik promises to do to America what he did to New York!” The ads practically write themselves

2/19 – Is This Real Life? Washington Post Argues in Headline, “It’s Time to Give the Elites a Bigger Say in Choosing the President”

How are satire sites supposed to stay in business when the Washington Post is genuinely serious when they spew this weapons grade stupidity?

2/20 – Obama to Trump: You Didn’t Build That Economy

Yo Barry, to quote a great an wise philosopher, “You didn’t build that.”

2/21 – The case for Sanders

No, this isn’t the kind of endorsement you’d expect from the Vichy Conservatives. Basically, its argument is for the Democrats to be honest about their true intentions. And let’s face it – the only difference between Sanders’s policies and the rest of the Democrats is a timeline.

ICYMI – For Presidents’ Day I dropped a post pointing out that Leftists Say they’re Afraid that Trump is the Next Hitler – they’re Actually Terrified he’s the Next Lincoln

Have a great weekend!

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