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Pelosi trying to remove a $1000 crumb from her dentures ...


A video has been posted onto both YouTube and Facebook and it is making Nancy Pelosi and her staff nuts.

Democrats are outraged after both Facebook and Twitter have refused to remove a video the president tweeted of last week’s State of the Union address that was misleadingly edited to make it appear as if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore up a copy of Trump’s speech while he was introducing Charles McGee, one of the last living Tuskegee Airmen from World War II.

Pelosi and her staff have demanded it be taken down but both Facebook and Twitter have refused. Facebook:

Stone confirmed Sunday to Business Insider that the edited video did not violate Facebook’s rules for removal. Specifically, Stone pointed toward two requirements.

Stone said Facebook would remove only media that had “been edited or synthesized — beyond adjustments for clarity or quality — in ways that aren’t apparent to an average person and would likely mislead someone into thinking that a subject of the video said words that they did not actually say.”

Furthermore, to remove a video, Facebook requires it to be “the product of artificial intelligence or machine learning that merges, replaces, or superimposes content onto a video, making it appear to be authentic,” Stone told Business Insider.


Twitter also confirmed to Business Insider that the video did not violate its policy.

And we, of course, won’t take this down either. It is an absolute classic. Enjoy

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