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Welcome back, everyone! One month of 2020 is gone, so here’s our final dose of Lefty insanity before we leave January in the rear view mirror:

January 20 – We the Deplorables

The end of the post nails the difference between freedom vs. Socialism

1/11 – Advocates for refugees disagree with Gov. Greg Abbott (Video)

Or more accurately, grifters benefitting from migrant resettlement contracts object to their gravy train being cut off

1/22 – Gangs In Tampa Grooming, Branding and Selling White Children For Sex

This one hits a bit close to home for me – I still have friends in the Tampa area from when I worked there back in the late 90s who have kids around the age that would be affected here. And how much of a disgrace is it that a story like this has to be picked up by foreign media?

1/24 – Hang Onto Your Plumbing

I normally wouldn’t give a link to a story that does something as obnoxious as making you read to the end and click and external link to get to the point of the story. This one is worth it.

1/25 – Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles in just 11 days using three private jets and one helicopter before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos

This brings up the million dollar question – why aren’t these Climastrologists reducing their carbon footprint by having these over teleconference?

1/25 – Saturday Night Fights: Steve Cortes Pins Trump-Trashing Rick Wilson on MSNBC

A great summary of the “How you got Trump” argument. And this is the other video where Rick Wilson made a colon of himself on live TV last week!

1/26 – At least some of the elites at #Davos understood that carbon taxes make working class people poorer

Baby steps. It’s not every day that The Radical Left acknowledges that their policies hurt the poor. Of course, if The Radical Left didn’t love the poor, why would they support so many policies guaranteed to keep them in poverty?

1/27 – The Genocide Bowl

When we had our two finalists for the NFL Championship I was waiting for someone to catch this angle. The Lefties haven’t (yet), but Taki Magazine did not let this offense go unnoticed!

1/28 – Drag queens will be featured for the first time in a prime-time Super Bowl advertisement

Add Sabra Hummus to the list of products I won’t be buying anymore. Oh wait, I don’t eat hummus to begin with. Damn, I’m so old I actually remember looking forward to the ads aired during the Super Bowl.

1/29 – Rep Kathy Castor (D) Tells Youtube To Censor Climate Skeptics For Wrongthink

Weird question, but should we start moving to impeach every politician who so blatantly tries to shred the 1st Amendment, given that they all take an oath to defend and uphold it?

1/30 – California Democrats Declare War on Independence

I’m starting to wonder how much more insane California has to get before things bottom out and start getting better. As a Virginian I have to ask since I’m getting a glimpse into our future.

1/31 – Proposed CA Legislation Would Mandate Climate Change Indoctrination in Public Schools

*Exasperated sigh* Dammit, please disregard my comment on the previous link.

In the words of the immortal Tyler Durden, “Where you are now, you can’t even begin to imagine what the bottom will be like”

ICYMI – I offered the constructive suggestion that Federal Employees Should Learn to Code

From the archives, we follow up on the Genocide Bowl post and go back six years to It’s Official – Every NFL Team Mascot is Offensive.

Minor programming note – I have a mini vacation this week, so next weekend’s TWIRL might be an abbreviated one, and if it comes down will get published later than normal.

And be sure to watch the video on this first tweet – includes NSFW language, so have your headphones handy.

Have a great weekend, and go Andy Reid and your Chiefs!

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