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Every weekday in my Inbox I get a newsletter from The Washington Compost’s religious section, called “The Energy 202”. As the title suggests, it claims to be on reporting energy issues, while in reality it basically pushes the Climastrology1 cult. I keep hoping to turn them into a weekly feature similar to my weekend link roundups, but can never quite find the time. I have plenty archived for if I decide to do so, but for now a story just came down that I couldn’t let pass. Apologies in advance for linking to The Post, but on Tuesday DIno Grandoni fed us the howler that The Trump administration is forcing these workers out West. Now they want to unionize. Grandoni writes:

The (Bureau of Land Management) BLM says the idea behind the move is to save money and get land managers closer to the more than 240 million acres of Western prairies and woodlands under their care. But leaders at its parent agency, the Department of the Interior, have encountered resistance to the move not only from many of the staffers who must uproot their lives to keep their jobs, but also from several Democrats in Congress who see the reorganization as a way of dismantling the agency.

I could quote more of the story, but to quickly summarize both sides arguments:

BLM Management: Move employees closer to their jurisdictions, and lower federal leasing costs by moving way from expensive DC real estate

Leftists: They’re trying to destroy the agency by forcing employees to move and cause a “brain drain” of seasoned employees who don’t want to move.

My analysis: If your job is relocating and you don’t want to move, then learn to code. If that sounds harsh, that’s exactly what Sundown Joe told miners they should do when the Enviro-Priesthood pressures Congress to legislate away their jobs. For a while, when various members of The Conservasphere threw this at laid off Democratic Party PR flaks, they labeled it Hate Speech and harassment. Of course, it was these fools getting their own contempt thrown back in their own smug faces. But since these BLM never told anyone to learn to code, why my harsh words?

Let me get this straight – you’re not losing your job; you’re being given the chance to stay on board if you’re willing to move. You know who else has to endure this? Almost everybody in the private sector. Businesses close, or move. Sometimes businesses move overseas because people like you made it too expensive to operate in the US. And yes, I know that sometimes it’s a case of some large company just being greedy. That said, relocating and having to move and hire a new workforce isn’t cheap. Any company would be perfectly happy to keep making money right where they are if they can go unmolested by bureaucrats.

But back to you. Don’t want to move? There are still no shortage of federal jobs in the DC area that you can apply for. And unlike people who don’t work for a monolithic company with offices everywhere in the country, particularly concentrated where you currently live, you can stay with the same employer – just find a job with another federal agency. And unlike most of us when we change companies, you keep all fo your tenure in terms of sick days, vacation days, etc. So you don’t like the fact that your leadership is telling its minor barons and baronesses to go out into the country to live among the serfs whom you oversee? My advice to you: Go (perform a physically impossible sexual act upon) yourself.

Or learn to code. I did. Seriously.

In my early 30s I realized I’d made the bad career choice of following the path of call center management. At least, it is if I want to live in the DC area. In one of my unfortunately all too rare moments back then of looking at the long term effects of my actions, I realized that around the time I’d be hitting retirement age I was on a path to of choosing either finishing my career in the Philippines or India or looking at the business end of a bread line in America. Neither appealed to me, and seeing no other way out of my then situation I went back to school and picked up another Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. But if I come off as angry or bitter about it, I’m not. While there were issues with the leadership of the companies I worked for, at the end of the day I got where I was because I ignored the distant thunder. My various jobs weren’t legislated away by some bureaucratic idiots who sent my job to China. Whenever I had to deal with the various headaches caused by management – change of leadership (and company direction), site closings, departments being relocated, etc. I was never given puff pieces from a publicity outlet or Congress Critters demanding answers. Like the vast majority of Americans in a similar situation, I was given the simple options of dealing with it or looking for a new job.

Sorry for the personal aside, but this post is a bit more vitriolic that normal for me and I want anyone to reading this to understand why I have so little sympathy for the people who are the subject of this post.

And to end on a constructive note, if you don’t like how you’re being treated as a federal employee, there’s a simple and awesome solution to punish those bitter clingers in the flyover states:

Quit. Go into the private sector. Get a job outside of government or the Nonprofit/NGO Industrial Complex. Take satisfaction in how miserable the lives of those damned red staters are without you overseeing them.

That’ll show em!

1 I got the term “Climastrology” from William Teach over at The Pirate’s Cove. I discovered his page when he started linking some of my posts at Flopping Aces, but I find myself checking back more often, as he’s good at posting stories that don’t even make some of the bigger sites like Aces of Spades, PJ Media, Daily Wire, etc. You’ll want to add The Cove to your bookmarks!

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