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Welcome back! Let’s jump straight into the crazy:

1/14 – Hey Trump, Declassify The Secret Letters Obama Sent To Iran

An interesting proposal – which is why the Radical Leftists in office and the MSM will do all they can to bury it.

1/15 – The Duchess of Sussex Is a Nasty Whore, and Prince Harry Is a Hopeless Fool

I could actually care less about this, but RS McCain’s headline made it worth the link. And it is actually a good read.

1/17 – Remember truth is not a leftist value

If Leftists’ ideas are superior, why is there not a single issue that doesn’t involve them ignoring facts when they’re not simply outright lying?

1/18 – Babylon Bee CEO: “How funny is it that CNN is coming after us for spreading disinformation?”

In all fairness to CNN, technically The Babylon Bee came at them first for their spreading of disinformation.

1/19 – VA State Senator Issues an Unnerving Warning for Monday’s Gun Rally

Old news by the time you’re reading this, but a good look at how Virginia Democrats maneuvered into place their plans to turn Richmond into their Reichstag Fire. In the aftermath you could hear the disappointment in the voices of all of the Lefties in office and in the media.

1/20 – Government Schooling and Supermarkets

Cafe Hayek was my favorite Economics blog during the Obama years. For a while I’d been annoyed that the site’s become a mostly one trick pony, mainly grousing about President Trump’s tariffs. Then I realized this is really the only major topic worthy of an Econ professor to complain about under Trump (and no, I haven’t forgotten about the federal debt – that’s a topic foe another day). And while I agree that tariffs are bad in general, when they lead to historic trade deals, like the two that Trump signed last week, they are a means to an end.

1/21 – Denver Post Columnist Says He Was Fired Because of His ‘Insistence That There Are Only Two Sexes’

Tell me again how 15 years ago I was being paranoid for opposing gay marriage while supporting civil unions.

1/22 – Stunning and Brave: Fake Doctor Who Falls to Lowest Ratings In Thirty One Years; “Batwoman” Tells the World She’s a Lesbian, and Loses Almost a Half Million Viewers in a Week

This post over at Ace covers three entertainment franchises that I haven’t covered yet that The Radical Left is destroying – DC Comics heroes, Dr. Who, and Star Trek.

1/23 – Man confronts Elizabeth Warren about her plan to wipe out student loans

If Fauxcahontas ends up on the Dems’ 2020 ticket (she probably won’t), expect this case of the mask ripping and Leftists showing their total contempt for anyone who exists outside their urban bubbles comes out.

1/24 – PM Boris Johnson has made good on his promise to the British people

Friendly advice, Democrats – observing and respecting the results of election actually goesover well with voters!

From the archives, we go back almost seven years to April of 2013 for me to point out that It’s Time for the President to Lead by Example. And it’s not who you think!

Have a great week!

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