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Happy 2020! Will our Lefty pals be happier in 202 than they were in 2019? Probably not, based on these early indicators:

12/20 – Donald Trump Has Drained the Swamp (of Good Christmas Parties)

It’s a site that transcribed a post from the NY Slimes, so you don’t have to give them a click. Trust me, reading this piece of Leftist whining will make your heart grow three sizes on this day!

12/26 – Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities for the Win

Kurt Schlichter gives one of his always great takes on Virginia Democrats wasting no time in trying to punish their subjects

12/27 – 2019 Man of the Year: Max Boot

The Free Beacon honors one of the commanders of the Vichy Conservatives

12/28 – Virginia school system to give student wokesters a day off to go protesting

I say this is a great opportunity to make lemons out of lemonade. Maybe a good starting point would be to protest for better School Choice? Or how about 2nd Amendment rights?

*Update* – Jim Geraghty notes the incredibly coincidental timing for when this program goes into effect

12/29 – Officious little pr***s try to ruin life for people hurting no one (censorship mine)

Nice to see the ACLU standing up for religious freedom for a change. Read to the end – you’ll be surprised as to who started this.

12/29 – New Year Ahead: Nothing Will Help Them

A good roundup of some of the dumber things we saw in 2019. The best part was early in the post when a rant by an Ace of Spades commenter. Here’s a taste – you’ll want to read it all:

I was forced to go to a Christmas party over the weekend and had to listen to some jackhole whine about how “divisive” Trump was and lament that we couldn’t “come together.”

I unloaded on that nickelf*cker — “You want to talk divisive? I hated that dog-eating Kenyan crackhead every moment of the eight years he infested the White House. But you know what I didn’t do, a**hole? I didn’t riot in the streets. I didn’t scream “HE’S NOT MY PRESIDENT!” I didn’t gin up some phony, childish “Resistance.”

12/30 – Obama Was the Most Anti-Semitic President in History, So Let’s Stop Pointing Fingers at Trump

PJ Media’s Matt Margolis does his usual job of excellent research

12/31 – The Media Can’t Keep Ignoring The Racial Element Of The New York Pogrom

(In Ron Howard’s Arrested Development Narrator voice): “Actually, they will.”

1/1 – NY Times Calls Attackers Of U.S. Embassy ‘Mourners.’ They Get Ripped.

Why are people ripping the Times for calling Terrorists “mourners”? Shouldn’t we be praising them for not labeling the attackers “Islamic Scholars”? Baby steps!

1/2 – In 2020, Democrats again plan to mess with the military

This is the kind of story that needs to be publicized. Which is why the MSM must ignore it.

1/3 – If you want to stop wildfires, put qualified people back in charge of forests

And there are the operative words – “want to”. As long as it can be spun to advance their extremist agendas, there is no amount of harm or damage that The Radical Left won’t support

ICYMI – I showed a few examples of how Star Wars and Terminator Aren’t the Only Franchises That The Radical Left Ruined in 2019

From the archives, (and you’ll see this again in an upcoming post), a post I wrote ten years ago about How a Mix of 70’s Music Helped Me Appreciate Where We Are Today As a Society

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