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Welcome back! Lefties are feeling that last minute rush of only having five days left to ruin everyone else’s Christmas and make the Normals as miserable as they are! Let’s get to it:

12/12 – K–12: Are Low Test Scores a Problem?

I’ll bet if we add Transgender History America will score higher. Sadly, that’s too true to be funny.

12/13 – Impeachment Petition Initiated Against WA State Governor Inslee AND His Gun Grabbing Attorney General Bob Ferguson!!

This brings up a disturbing question: Why isn’t this being done in Virginia?

12/14 – Cultist Mike Bloomberg Unveils His Climate Plan Or Something

Note what is actually missing from this, and every Climastrologist’s “plan”: An actual plan.There are plenty of mandates, but no mention of how much energy is needed, nor where all of these replacement wind and solar farms are going to be built.

12/15 – PR Makeover: Greta Thunberg apologizes for call to kill, claims it ‘goes without saying’ she’s against violence

At least Greta is learning early not to be honest about how The Left is fine with violence as a means to their ends. Be sure to read the whole thing – this post went a lot more in depth that I thought it would.

12/15 – Reports: Women for Trump Group Attacked at DC’s Willard Hotel–By Democrat Wedding Party

This is one of those “What the f*** is wrong with you Leftists?” moments. Whenever I’m at a wedding, I love having the chance to catch up with old friends or family members I haven’t seen in a while. Or if I’m just there mainly as arm candy (stop laughing, Sister Babe!), I like the opportunity to make some new friends while enjoying the open bar. How deranged do you have to be to decide in this situation, that the best way to enjoy yourself is to harass some people to make them as miserable as you are? I hope that non-mentally ill wedding guests enjoyed the shorter lines at the bar, and appreciated the less likelihood of having to talk to one of these idiots while they were otherwise occupied.

12/16 – Here We Go: How To Argue With Your Climate Denier Relatives At Christmas

Because being an insufferable (rectal cavity) at Thanksgiving dinner just wasn’t enough!

12/17 – Who approved Hallmark’s decision to air same-sex wedding ads?

Heh. “Chick Fil-A 2.0”. This is a typical Leftist tactic of the camel’s nose under the tent. Nope, I don’t have any issue with ads that choose to show gay weddings, and allowing both the advertiser and the programming running it from losing annoyed/offended customers. But we all know how this goes – eventually the demand leads to LGBQWERTY themed movies on their channel. Other companies are already copying your model, Hallmark Channel. Do whatever you want – it’s your funeral.

12/18 – How a liberal made Black Hebrew Israelites into white supremacists

I’m so grateful that now I handle weapons grade Libtarditude like this with exactly the respect it deserves. If any fool tries dropping this stupidity on me I’ll simply point out that these “White Supremacists” were among the harassers involved in the Covington Crucifixion. By extension, every publication who allied with this hate group to smear those kids is also White Supremacist, correct? I love the new rules!

12/19 – California Union Bill Puts Workers out of Work at Christmas

Cause meets Effect

12/20 – Cory Booker Protected the Terrorists Behind the Jersey City Anti-Semitic Shootings

It’s lucky for Booker that the media has already virtually memory holed this shooting. That and the fact that his presidential campaign is also practically dead anyway.

ICYMI – I asked the question of Why did Star Wars Have to Turn Leia into Hillary?

From the archives, last year I asked Why Do Anti-Female Leftists Hate “Baby it’s Cold Outside”?
And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t drop on you the greatest song ever written:

If I don’t blog at you between now & Wednesday, Merry Christmas! And to our Chosen friends, if I don’t blog at you between now & Sunday, Happy Chanukah!

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