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I warned him.

I told him back in April that then would probably have been a good time for him to leave the country. His malfeasance was already recognized:

Comey violated FBI protocols to try to nail Trump.

Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before she was even interviewed by the FBI.

Comey leaks, but when he does it he does not believe it is a leak.

To this day Comey says he doesn’t know who paid for the Russian dossier.

When a Chinese spy was found working for Dianne Feinstein she was given notice and she fired him. Comey never gave Donald Trump a heads-up about attempts by the Russians to corrupt the election.

Comey did not tell Trump that it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC who paid for the dossier. He said “it wasn’t necessary for my goal.” Which was to frame Trump, of course.

Three times Comey told Trump he was not under investigation but refused to say it publicly.

Too late. Keep that last one in mind.

Comey is guilty as hell. He knew in the spring of 2016 that Carter Page was a Confidential Human Source (CHS), July at the very latest.

But they conveniently omitted that fact from their phony FISA application.

Comey also left this out

Today all his blustering and pomposity vanished. Mostly.

A mere few days after claiming exoneration, Comey was admitting he was wrong, but it really wasn’t his fault:

Former FBI Director James Comey admitted on “Fox News Sunday” that the recently released Justice Department Inspector General’s report on the launch of the FBI’s Russia investigation and their use of the surveillance process showed that he was “overconfident” when he defended his former agency’s use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

This comes days after Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report and testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee detailed concerns that included 17 “significant errors and omissions” by the FBI’s investigative team when applying for a FISA warrant to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Horowitz referred “the entire chain of command” to the FBI and DOJ for “how to assess and address their performance failures” during the probe, which was conducted while Comey was in charge.

“He’s right, I was wrong,” Comey said about how the FBI used the FISA process, adding, “I was overconfident as director in our procedures,” and that what happened “was not acceptable.”

Comey refused to have his security clearance reinstated so he wouldn’t have to answer any questions from Michael Horowitz. How convenient. Watch as Comey dodges the facts:

Did you catch it? Comey claimed that Trump wasn’t under investigation. Monumental lie. Trump fired Comey precisely because while Comey three times told Trump privately that Trump was not a target of the investigation Comey would not say it publicly.

Trump was a target and I suspect this might be one of those things with which John Durham disagrees.

Here is more of Comey’s general bullsh*t.


Comey has a history of being a weasel. Here he is preening about how he was able to violate FBI guidelines and send tow agents to entrap Michael Flynn


Here he admits his FBI knowingly gave false information to the FISA court.

Comey denied that the Steele dossier played an important role in the FISA process.

Former FBI Director James Comey does not believe the infamous Steele dossier was necessary to obtain surveillance warrants against President Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser, Carter Page, Comey said Monday.

“Could there have been a FISA warrant without the Steele dossier?” PBS “News Hour” host Judy Woodruff asked Comey.

“It’s not my recollection that it was an essential part of any application,” he replied.

“I have to choose my words carefully here because I don’t know exactly what’s been declassified, but there was a mosaic of information that convinced a court that that individual, Carter Page, there was probable cause to believe he was an agent of a foreign power.”


That was also a lie.

“We determined that the Crossfire Hurricane team’s receipt of Steele’s election reporting on September 19, 2016 played a central and essential role in the FBI’s and Department’s decision to seek the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] order,” the Justice Department’s inspector general (IG) said in the report.

The FBI knew that Page was a CHS.


Want to hear the scariest part of today? This will leave you dumbfounded

Holy crap. Comey is a pathological liar. He has utterly ruined the FBI and the FISA process. Both really ought to be burned to the ground. FISA has probably saved lives and helped neutralize threats but it has been hopelessly corrupted by the FBI and democrats.

Michael Goodwin, a columnist for The New York Post, wrote

“J. Edgar Hoover can now rest peacefully because James Comey is now the most corrupt FBI director ever.”

I’ll leave you with this


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