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Welcome back everybody! Tis the season to be jolly, or if you’re a Lefty tis the season to be angry and miserable! OK, that’s every day for Lefties, and here’s their latest rage:

12/5 – NOT WOKE ENOUGH: Clinton Denies ‘Lesbian’ Relationship, Angers LGBTQ Community

This week’s edition of “The problem with forming coalitions based on identity politics is that eventually your allies run out of other people to hate”

12/6 – Watch Farmer Spray Poop On Greenpeace Actress Emma Thompson Protesting On His PRIVATE Land

Another happy story! I know that I’ve posted a similar story a while back, but seeing religious zealots getting sprayed with poop by the horrible people who have the audacity to raise their food just warms my heart!

12/7 – Melania’s Outfits Aren’t a Secret Code and I’m Mad It Needs to Be Said

There’s something pathetic about how the Radical Left’s hatred for the president has to spill over to his family. But as the kids say, “Haters gonna hate”.

12/8 – Pope Francis compares President Trump to King Herod

This week’s edition of “I really miss the days when the question ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’ was actually funny.”

12/9 – Transgender Demands Are An Attack On Real Human Rights

As a rape survivor, I can tell you firsthand that there are many parallels between the ways transactivists behave and the way sexual abusers act: They’re gaslighting. They’re grooming children. They’re making people feel guilty for having boundaries. They’re threatening to kill themselves if you don’t give them what they want. The price tag is your dignity.

Transmania has become a cult religion, complete with chants (e.g. “Trans women are women), shunning, punishing dissent, and silencing the opposition. If you have to shout people down, it’s probably because you’re afraid what they have to say makes too much sense. The trans cult exercises mind control over the masses who are terrified into submissive silence.

12/10 – Nativity Scene Characters In Cages Deemed “A Very Bold Statement”

How short has the news cycle become? The Babylon Bee was already mocking this stupidity on the same day that the story broke.

12/11 – Biden Paid Women Less Than Men in Each of His 35 Years as Senator

I know, Democrats failing to practice what they preach is hardly news, but keep this filed away for when various feminist hypocrites try dragging out the fake “War on Women” dreck again.

12/12 – Rashida Tlaib on Black Hebrew Israelites’ Targeting and Slaughter of Jews: “White Supremacy kills”

First we get President Trump’s order to fight anti-semitism being smeared as anti-semitic, now this. It’s actually painful to watch the mental gymnastics that The Radical left has to contort to twist facts to comply with their crazed beliefs.

12/13 – Germany vs. Muslim Criminal Clans

Friendly advice to the Muslims is Europe: They may be Europeans, but they’re still Germans. Don’t p*** them off. Trust me on this one.

ICYMI – I dropped a quick post in response to an article in The Washington Compost – Barack Obama, Conservative? The post got me another 24 hour posting ban from Facebook, so if you haven’t already read it give a click and find out what got Zuck’s minions so angry!

From the archives, we go back two years to how The Washington Post Highlights Everything Wrong With Journalism. It’s a good thing that’s no longer the case!

Have a great weekend!

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