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Welcome back, everybody! It’s hard to believe we’re just a few days away from Thanksgiving – where has 2019 gone? Of course, time flies when your Lefty pals give you tons of fresh lunacy each week! We’ll start by jumping into The Wayback Machine of a few months ago…

April 2019 – Cracking the Genetic Code: Stalin’s New Soviet Man

Survey question, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments: Is it just me, or are the people who are the loudest about being atheists or anti-religious (specifically Judeo-Christian) the most gullible people you’ll ever meet? From personal experience, I know three people who are militant atheists and I have seen some of the dumbest things uttered by human being come from them. Is this just anecdotal or has anyone else seen this too?

And if you’re wondering, yes, this ties to the New Soviet Man link.

11/12 – Legacy of Climategate – 10 years later

Just like their Soviet predecessors, today’s Radicals are trying to rewrite history.

11/14 – Climate Science Proves Scams Don’t Die of Exposure

Of course. One has to admire how the Leftist mind is impervious to facts or reason.

11/15 – Revealed: 100 Senators and Representatives who sent letters of support to Hamas-linked CAIR

I know, I don’t spend as much time focusing on these external cultural threats to America as I do to our internal cultural threats, but we can’t lose sight of Radical Islam, either.

11/16 – Public Schools & ‘LGBTQ’ Propaganda: Curriculum changes sweeping the country mean kids are being further indoctrinated.

I’m still waiting for a single Leftist to acknowledge that Conservatives’ concern that legalizing gay marriage would lead to this. Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.

11/17 – The rabid left turns on Obama

Yet it’s not as if Obama were actually blasting these radicals.

Based on his speech, notice that he never says that the far-left ideas in question themselves stink to high heaven. It’s not that socialism fails every time you try it. The only people he blames for this state of affairs is American voters. Americans just aren’t quite progressive enough. They’re not up for being “transformed,” as Obama used to say.

He must know.

Obama counseled the leftists in his room that since Americans fall short, they need to start couching their radical plans as “improvements” in their “narratives.”

This truly is Obama’s legacy. He initially ran as a moderate, and his success in pulling the Democrats so far to the left has emboldened the party to the point where Dems no  longer feel the need to hide how much they despise half of this country.

11/18 – Starbucks open-bathroom policy driving customers away –study

Yep, allowing non-paying individuals to take up your retail space makes less room for paying customer. Thank you, Captain Obvious!

11/19 – GLAAD’s Response To Chick-Fil-A Cave Is Exactly What You’d Expect

I’d love to write a full post on this, but don’t have the time this week. The one point I’d like to make is that there is one critical item that’s missing from all of the posts on that I’ve seen. What was the exact question posed to Chick Fil A, and what was their response specifically to that particular question? This looks like nothing more than a PR screw up by CFA while dealing with the Radical Left hate mobs in the press.

11/20 – ‘I’m A Black Man, You Idiots!’: ESPN’s Smith Responds To Backlash For Saying Kaepernick ‘Eradicated’ His Points

Friendly advice, Colon: When even your actions are making even a Leftist like Stephen A. Smith look intelligent, take the (copulating) hint.

11/21 – U.K. Labour Party Chair Threatens To Blacklist Companies From Stock Exchange Who Fail To Act On ‘Climate Change’

OK, time to side with the Lefties on something. No, not the subject of this link! I am, of course, referring to the necessity of separation of church and state. This dopey little death cult of Climastrolgy is causing real harm to the grown ups in the room.

11/22 – Peggy Noonan Reminds Us Why Trump Won

I know, I know, or as us Normals call them, “Days ending in a Y”

And from the archives, since this is our last TWIRL before Thanksgiving, even though this post is now three years old it is still amazingly relevant – Your One Stop Guide to DESTROYING your Democrat relatives at Thanksgiving!

Have a great weekend and if I don’t blog at you between now and then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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