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Welcome back everybody! Another week, more insanity from our Lefty pals – but first, let’s jump into the Wayback Machine to last month:

10/4 – Jennifer’s Speech at the Heritage Foundation on October 4, 2019

Remember kids, Real Communism (TM) has never been tried! 100 million victims could not be reached for comment.

11/6 – Foreign Aid is Quid Pro Quo

I’m a bit embarrassed for not catching this Captain Obvious moment from the start, but I can at least say it’s been in the back of my mind throughout this idiocy.

11/7 – A Note To Progressives: Tell Me How This Ends

A disturbing piece about where the radical who’ve taken over the Democratic Party are going. Of course, if you want to see what the endgame will look like, read Kurt Schlichter’s excellent books.

11/8 – The amazing lack of self-awareness in The Washington Post

The best thing about this piece is that it heavily excerpts this idiocy from The Washington Compost so you don’t have to click. And yes, their post actually bears this title:

Can Republicans relearn how to accept political outcomes they don’t like?

11/9 – Trump and Melania get YUGE applause at LSU Alabama football game

Anything that makes Leftist heads explode (which these days is almost everything) puts a smile on my face. The reason this post made the cut over a few others is for the video embedded in the tweet at the end of the post. That young man will go far in life.

11/9 – Move Washington Out of Washington

With so much bad news lately, here’s a piece of genuinely good news. We’ll see if this goes anywhere.

11/10 – Midway.

Damn. I was genuinely looking forward to this Movie, and from the review compilations it looks like this is essentially a sequel to that garbage Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor movie from years ago. And the worst part comes at the end of the movie:

Yet perhaps this reviewer hits the nail on the head as to what we find disagreeable in many modern day war flicks. It is as if the director forgets what was at stake in WWII.

Finally, the last on-screen wording says, “This film is dedicated to the Americans and Japanese who fought at Midway.”

WTF, Hollywood? Was there nobody with two functioning brain cells in the review process that could have seen what was wrong with this? What’s next? How about ending Zero Dark Thirty with “This film is dedicated to Navy Seal Team 6 and the members of Al Queda who fought at Bin Laden’s Compound”? Or how about ending the final episode of Band of Brothers with “This series is dedicated to the Americans, as well as Antifa’s spiritual inspiration – the National Socialist Workers’ Party members, who fought in Europe”?

11/11 – Canceled: Legendary Hockey Announcer Fired For Telling Immigrants To … Buy A Poppy To Honor Fallen Canadian Soldiers

Yes, we’ve reached the point where remembering our history and appreciating the sacrifices of those who’ve served is becoming a crime.

11/11 – Fat feminist chucks water on me in Washington DC (Video)

Milo is one of these new breed of characters that I like not for who he is, but mostly because of the people who despise him. This ten minute video talks about how Milo strikes back at a woman who harassed him, and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

11/12 – Baby Trump slasher says it was 1st he’s seen a lib mad about chopping up a baby

I honestly hate what this guy did – vandalizing other people’s property because you don’t like what they’re saying is wrong. Period. You know what else? I don’t give a damn. I don’t care that I’m OK with bad behavior by my side as long as Antifa scum are allowed, and even supported by Leftist leaders in the DNC and the media. Don’t like that someone broke your little balloon? Enjoy the new rules Snowflake, you brought this on yourself.

And yes, his main quote and headline for this post are dead on.

11/13 – Self-labeled Berkeley ‘instructor’: ‘Rural Americans are bad people who have made bad life decisions’

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a link asking if it’s time for the Normals out in the productive parts of the country to go full Master Blaster on the Leftist cities?

11/14 – How Journalists Became Fahrenheit 451–Style ‘Firemen’

Correction: They’re not journalists

11/15 – Fixing the Debt: A Reality Check

Not the hottest topic, but one that’s not going to just go away if we simply ignore it. And longtime readers might be wondering why I don’t write about this topic as much as I used to. No, I haven’t forgotten what is still one of my top issues, and I’m not being a hypocrite just because Barry O is out of office. The referendum on this issue was the 2012 Presidential election, and our side lost. Don’t worry, I’ll be ready to re-mount my soap box when there’s somebody willing to listen.

ICYMI – I paid tribute to President Trump’s former WH Press Secretary in Sean Spicer is Not the Hero we Need, But he’s the Hero we Deserve

And from the archives, with all of the crazy talk about raising the minimum wage, three years ago I offered Economics for Politicians: Minimum Wage Myths! As I blow my own horn here, this piece has tons of great examples and supporting links to offer to your favorite economically illiterate lefty.

Have a great weekend!

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