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Welcome back! We’re now in Thanksgiving season, which means that Christmas decorations are everywhere! Actually, I saw the first Christmas trees in my local BJ’s before Halloween. But you know what’s even crazier then early Christmas decorations? Our Lefty pals! As they continue to prove my point:

10/24 – Killing the Political Right – CCGN Pushes Back on “Free Speech is Killing Us” Article

This will come as no shock, but unsurprisingly this Radical Leftist solution in search of a problem is demanding your money and your freedom. The disturbing thing about this is that this is the sort of thing that got Leftists laughed out of the room 20 years ago and is now part of the DNC’s platform.

10/31 – Muslim Commissioner of Virginia Human Rights Commission: Gays Are ‘Abomination to the Human Race’

What is it with Virginia Leftists and their love of bigots?

11/1 – Whistleblower will not testify at the impeachment inquiry

Faithful readers know that I devote very little space to the various DNC fueled witch hunts. My biggest takeaway from these is when we hear about how we need to tone down the rhetoric, reach across the aisle, yadda yadda, I’m left with one question: where are the sane, moderate Democrats who should be saying, “Enough already – WTF is wrong with you people?!?”

11/2 – Instagram “Star” Says Learning About WWII Would Hit Millennials’ Mental Health

As disturbing as the headline is, when you read the story it gets worse – this punk is from The U.K. And for some reason the link to the original story that’s embedded is broken – here’s the correct link to the original story in The Daily Mail.

11/2 – Skateboarding hacker poet pervert with drunk driving and burglary raps drops out of presidential race

This is one of those stories that makes the cut just for an awesome title. But it’s still worth the read, especially the excerpt from Powerline,

My one personal experience with this goon was going to a rally he had in Alexandria out of morbid curiosity. 45 minutes after he was scheduled to arrive & no sign of his arrival I bailed. To take a page out of Kitt’s book, this very NSFW lyriced classic from Skid Row goes out to you, Beto! No need to whimper, no need to shout! The party’s over, so…


WTH is wrong with these people, and how do we not beat them in every election?

11/4 – Elizabeth Warren’s Cringe-Level Meme Team (Video)

This makes Fauxcahontas’ “I’m going to grab… a beer!” moment look cool by comparison! For some reason this also reminds me of Joe Piscopo on Saturday Night Live (back when they still did comedy) when he was doing his Frank Sinatra impression. He was in the recording studio and said, “I’m making an album of songs the kids will dig because it’s called Songs the Kids Will Dig”

11/5 – If Only Beto Listened to Joy Behar, Waited Until After Election To Suggest A Gun Ban

If Dems’ ideas are so great, how come they have to lie to push them?

11/5 – Hillary says Mark Zuckerberg should ‘pay a price for what he is doing to our democracy’ over Facebook fact-check policy

At some point Hillary’s weekly mental breakdowns are going to be more sad than funny. We’re not there yet, but we’re reminded once again how lucky we are that she’s not President.

11/6 – Kamala Wants to Lock Up Your Kids in School All Day

Or simply, do more to shift raising children from parents to the state to help further erode the family unit. This reminds me of a piece I wrote six years ago on MSNBC personality Melissa Harris Perry – Parenting Chicken Hawks? One point I raised there:

And of course, this entire discussion raises a very uncomfortable question for leftist thought: How come for the first nine months of life a child is nothing more than “a choice” for a woman to make, but after birth it belongs to the community?

11/7 – Sick: Boston Hospital Staff Protest Melania Trump’s Visit

We’ve reached the point where stories like this are no longer surprising. But it’s crucial that we not ignore what Mark Dice calls “The Liberal Pathogen”.

11/8 – Who are these ‘11,000 Concerned Scientists’?

(In Ron Howard’s “Arrested Develpment” Narrator Voice): Actually, they’re not.

From the archives, we go back ten years to offer How To Quickly End An Argument With A Global Warming Zealot. Not that you need any help, but it’s a great guide to how to annoy Climastrology zealots.

Have a great weekend!

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