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Welcome back everybody! Hopefully nothing you saw last night was as scary as this insanity:

10/25 – AOC: Fossil Fuels Are Racist or Something

At this point we can just count the days until Gulag Barbie gets primaried out and immediately gets a prime time slot on MSNBC.


What is it about bitter Democrats who lose presidential elections behaving like scumbags at funerals?

10/26 – The Australian Bureau of Met hides 50 years of very hot days

The Radical Left lying to advance their agenda? I am SHOCKED! Shocked, I say!

10/27 – Left wing media demands respect for al Baghdadi

You’ve probably already seen this, but in case you missed Dr. John’s post this is a must read. Before reading his article I thought that The Washington Post had the dumbest take on a terrorist getting killed.

10/28 – Al-Baghdadi Dead, Leftists Crestfallen

This may be the most perfect example I’ve seen yet of a phrase I see myself repeating all too often about today’s Left:

10/29 – ‘Your Past Is Terrible, and Your Future Is Terrible’: What the Left Tells Young Americans

This article by Dennis Prager Nails how The Radical Left is abusing our nation’s children. The last paragraph really brings it home:

Only when one understands that the left — the left, not liberalism — has always and everywhere been a destructive force can one begin to understand what is happening to America. And the left has damaged no group more than America’s youth. Leftists speak about “the children” — but they care about “the children” as much as the communists cared about “the workers.”

10/30 – Code Pink sells-out women and exploits Jews on propaganda tour of Iran

Am I the only one who wondered what these former media darlings have been up to since January 2009? Ah, nothing like some anti-Semitism to fill the void!

10/31 – Oberlin College’s “almost sociopathic malevolence” towards Gibson’s Bakery

Because being a Leftist means never having to say that you’re sorry.

11/1 – The worst piece of advice ever to Trump

Spoiler: It’s from one of the Generals of the Vichy Conservatives, Jonah Goldberg

ICYMI – I pointed out that Well What do You Know – Hillary was Right!

And from the archives, we go back about a year and a half to where I offered some constructive advice for Democrats – Democrats, You Missed a Huge Opportunity in President Trump’s Russia Speech. C’mon, throw me a click – it’s not every day I can write a post that includes both Karate Kid III and WWE references!

Happy November – have a great weekend!

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