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Welcome back, everybody! Busy week, so a relatively light post today. Another week closer to Halloween, and forget the haunted houses – if you want something truly scary take a look at the ideology that is trying to take over our country!

10/14 – Three Nations That Tried Socialism and Rejected It

Since Chinese Communism has been in the news so much lately, let’s lead off by taking a look at its slightly less ugly cousin, Socialism.


The only thing more disturbing than the thought of Hillary saying these things while drunk is the notion that she was probably completely sober when did.

10/19 – Surprise: Democrats Spend Bigly On Private Jet Flights

And by “Surprise”, William Teach means “not in the slightest bit surprising”. And never ones to give  a damn about their own hypocrisy, The Nation whines, Enough with the air shaming, already!

10/20 – Why Not, Can The Reputation Of The United Nations Get Any Lower?

Short answer: No.

10/21 – People Are Getting Very Sick of the “Extinction Rebellion” and Other Enviro-Antifa Groups

Expanding on the link from 10/18, expect these stories to become a lot more common. And on a larger scale.

10/22 – Big Labor Preaches Worker Empowerment, Practices Something Else

Labor unions had their purpose back in the day, and in specific criteria, still do. But like any organization, they have the same fundamental flaws as any other.

10/23 – Daryl Morey was right”: Shaq speaks out on NBA-China controversy

Nice to see that someone in the NBA still has a spine.

10/24 – Insider Democrat 2020 fears chronicled by a sympathizer

A little bit condescending, a little bit overly optimistic for the good guys, but still a good read from start to finish

10/25 – The Media is a Threat to America

Yes, you already knew that. But this link lays out the disturbing path where Big Media is going

ICYMI – I pointed out that The Washington Post Isn’t Even Trying to Hide its Racism Anymore.

From the archives, as we’re a year past The Radical Left’s first smears against Justice Kavanaugh, I offered 10 Questions Judge Kavanaugh Should Answer.

Quick language warning – the second tweet has some cussing. You’ll want to click on this and be ready to share with any friends who think that Tulsi Gabbard is some kind of “Moderate”.

Have a great weekend!

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