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After you read this ask yourself if you saw any of it on the MSM.

Donald Trump held a rally in Minneapolis the other day. There were protests held outside the arena and they provided everyone with a glimpse into how the world would look with firm democrat control. Have a look at how these animals act:

Protests outside President Trump’s rally in Minnesota took a violent turn as demonstrators began to set fire to campaign memorabilia, confront police, and throw urine.

Trump was speaking at a rally in Minneapolis Thursday night after sparring with Mayor Jacob Frey for a week about the high security costs. Protesters turned out in force, with hundreds chanting anti-Trump slogans and waving handmade signs, according to the St. Cloud Times.

As the rally wound to an end and supporters began to flood from the Target Center stadium, demonstrators became more aggressive. Around 9:30 p.m., a video was posted to social media that showed protesters burning red “Make America Great Again” hats in the street. Those at the protest were reportedly calling the police “pigs.”

At one point after the event, a group of demonstrators could be heard chanting, “Nazi scum! Off our streets!” A video shows someone shout, “There’s a Nazi over there,” presumably at a Trump supporter. People are seen running and it appears the man was hit by one of the protesters.

Another view

These are the future leaders of the democrat party.

And they laughed at Trump for his remarks about a civil war.


Some claim Ilhan Omar was instigating outside the Trum p rally


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