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Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are Putin’s puppets. Let’s see why.  For the last three years Donald Trump has been falsely under assault from he left. Why? The phony dossier and more.

Russia-linked accounts were said to have spent a grand total of $4700 in Google ads in 2016 to influence the elections.

NADLER: According to meda reports, Google found evidence that Russian agents spent thousands of dollars to purchase ads on its advertising platforms that span multiple Google products as part of the Russian agents’ campaign to interference in the election, two years ago. Additionally, Juniper Downs, head of global policy for YouTube, testified in July that YouTube had identified and shut down multiple channels containing thousands of videos associated with the Russian misinformation campaign. Does Google now know the full extent to which its online platforms wre eploited by Russian actors in the election, two years ago?

PICHAI: We undertook a very thorough investigation, and in 2016 we now know there were two main ad accounts linked to Russia, which advertised on Google for about $4,700 in advertising. We also found other limited —

NADLER: — A total of $4,700?

PICHAI: That’s right, which was — no amount is okay, here, but we founded limited activity, improper activity. We learned from that and we dramatically increased the protections we have around our election offerings leading up to the current elections, we again found limited activity both from the Internet Research Agency in Russia as well as accounts linked to Iran.

This paltry sum was the best investment Russia ever made. It has paid for itself 1,000 times over. democrats swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker. To this day democrats believe, despite the testimony of James Clapper, that the Russians had an effect on the result of the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton believes that the Russians kept her from campaigning in Wisconsin.

democrats continue to claim that the Russians wanted Trump to win the 2016 election. Not really. What they wanted was for Hillary to lose. She meddled in the 2011 Russian elections

When mass protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin erupted in Moscow in December 2011, Putin made clear who he thought was really behind them: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

With the protesters accusing Putin of having rigged recent elections, the Russian leader pointed an angry finger at Clinton, who had issued a statement sharply critical of the voting results. “She said they were dishonest and unfair,” Putin fumed in public remarks, saying that Clinton gave “a signal” to demonstrators working “with the support of the U.S. State Department” to undermine his power. “We need to safeguard ourselves from this interference in our internal affairs,” Putin declared.

Five years later, Putin may be seeking revenge against Clinton. At least that’s the implication of the view among some cybersecurity experts that Russia was behind the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email server, which has sowed confusion and dissent at the Democratic National Convention and undercut Clinton’s goal of party unity.

2016 was payback. And the bonus?

They live rent free in the heads of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton 100% of the time.

Let’s review the goals of the Russians, according to Rod Rosenstein:

The Russians indicted on charges related to interference with the 2016 presidential election sought to undermine public trust in democracy and promote discord in the United States, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Friday in announcing the indictment.

“The indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators want to promote discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy,” he said. “We must not allow them to succeed.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday charged 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies for allegedly carrying out what they called “information warfare against the United States,” with the expressed goal of spreading “distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general.” 

Promote discord and undermine public confidence in democracy.  They have been wildly successful with their willing useful idiot tools- the  democrats.

Hillary Clinton and the DNC desperately wanted dirt on Trump. So they hired Fusion GPS who employed a British spy to collect disinformation from Russian operatives which they then fed to the FBI via the State Department. Knowing that they had fools desperate for trash, Russian operatives fed Steele as much salacious nonsense as he would accept- hookers urinating on beds and more.

On top of that the DNC sent an operative to Ukraine to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign.

In its most detailed account yet, the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country’s president to help.

In written answers to questions, Ambassador Valeriy Chaly’s office says DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa sought information from the Ukrainian government on Paul Manafort’s dealings inside the country in hopes of forcing the issue before Congress.

Chalupa later tried to arrange for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to comment on Manafort’s Russian ties on a U.S. visit during the 2016 campaign, the ambassador said.

Chaly says that, at the time of the contacts in 2016, the embassy knew Chalupa primarily as a Ukrainian American activist and learned only later of her ties to the DNC. He says the embassy considered her requests an inappropriate solicitation of interference in the U.S. election.

This was also reported by Politico in 2017

In an interview this month, Chalupa told Politico she had developed a network of sources in Kiev and Washington, including investigative journalists, government officials and private intelligence operatives. While her consulting work at the DNC this past election cycle centered on mobilizing ethnic communities — including Ukrainian-Americans — she said that, when Trump’s unlikely presidential campaign began surging in late 2015, she began focusing more on the research, and expanded it to include Trump’s ties to Russia, as well.

She occasionally shared her findings with officials from the DNC and Clinton’s campaign, Chalupa said. In January 2016 — months before Manafort had taken any role in Trump’s campaign — Chalupa told a senior DNC official that, when it came to Trump’s campaign, “I felt there was a Russia connection,” Chalupa recalled. “And that, if there was, that we can expect Paul Manafort to be involved in this election,” said Chalupa, who at the time also was warning leaders in the Ukrainian-American community that Manafort was “Putin’s political brain for manipulating U.S. foreign policy and elections.”

A DNC contractor set Manafort up and started the Russian connection hoax that democrats would later pounce upon.

To give you an indication of how responsive Adam Schiff is to Vladimir Putin, consider that on September 27 Putin baited Schiff:

Russia hopes the U.S. doesn’t release transcripts of President Donald Trump’s conversations with Vladimir Putin as it did this week with his talks with the Ukrainian leader, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.
“We would like to hope that things won’t come to such situations in our bilateral relations, which already have plenty of quite serious problems,” Peskov told a conference call when asked for the Kremlin’s reaction to the U.S. decision to release the transcript of the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

And right on cue two days later Schiff jumps at his puppet master’s lure:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Congress is determined to get access to Donald Trump’s calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee’s chairman said on Sunday, citing concerns that the Republican president may have jeopardized national security.

“I think the paramount need here is to protect the national security of the United States and see whether in the conversations with other world leaders – and in particular with Putin – that the president was also undermining our security in a way that he thought would personally benefit his campaign,” Democrat Adam Schiff said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

This certainly must be coincidence. It’s not just Biden.



Putin’s goal was to sow discord and undermine faith in the electoral system and in democracy in the US. Tpgether with his allies Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi Putin has been successful beyond anything he could have imagined and right now has to be smiling in his dacha, comfortable knowing that these two partisan hacks will continue to do his work for him. Their blind hatred of Trump and power avarice has hurt this country immeasurably. It’s almost as though they are conspiring with Putin.



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