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With Labor Day weekend the unofficial end of summer is here, and most kids are either already back to school or about to return. And the heat dying down hasn’t left our Lefty pals any less crazy! This is another busy week, and thus another relatively light post.

8/17 – How the D candidates would introduce themselves at the next debate if they were honest

Tough but fair, and a short, funny read

8/23 – Pelosi to Dems: ‘You Have to Be Ready to Throw a Punch … For the Children’

“Incendiary rhetoric”

8/24 – Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign Hints DNC May Be Purposely Trying to Exclude Her From the Next Debate

Personally, my favorite aftermath of the 2nd debate was the talking hairdos declaring any buzz about Tulsi as “Russian bots”. They did not appreciate their shiny new savior being destroyed so soon!

8/25 – Left-Wing Institutions Mainstreaming Hatred

As I pointed out in a previous post, part of this is supply meeting an existing demand.

8/26 – Journalists Are Having A Meltdown Over Journalism Being Done To Them

As Ic-T once said so well, “I’m tired of the press too – you write about me I’ll write about you!”

8/27 – Sanders: China Has Done More to Solve Poverty Than ‘Any Country in the History of Civilization’

I honestly thought that this was satire at first. Of course, The Babylon Bee found a way to make it even dumber. 

8/28 – Lawrence O’Donnell Floats Bombshell About Trump Taxes, Later Says Story Will Need ‘A Lot More Verification’

One has to admire The Radical Left’s ability to not things like facts or reality get in the way of their beliefs!


Fair question. Feminism meets Islam. Popcorn, please!


Pay attention to stories like these. The radical thought pieces or hateful behavior of today will be part of the Democratic Party’s platform 20-30 years from now.

ICYMI, and judging from the page hits and comments, you probably did! Ruining Ready Player One, and Other Summer Reading

Nothing from the archives this week – now go out and enjoy your long weekend!

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