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Welcome back, everybody! The end of summer gets closer and our Lefty pals just keep getting crazier! First, a trip in the Wayback Machine:

6/22 – CRC Exposes the Fallacy of Independent Redistricting

Whenever you hear the words “bipartisan” or “Independent” from Democrats, it almost always means they’re after your wallet, your freedom, or both. The fact that this idea’s main champion comes from Don Beyer, the local Left Wing Hack representing my district was the first thing that set off my bull (snot) detectors.

8/7 – How Can Democrats Reach Out to Rural Voters When They Hate What We Do for a Living?

Simpler headline, “How can Democrats reach out to half of America when they hate us?

8/9 – Man Who Asks Walmart Clerk For Gun To ‘Kill 200 People With’ Is Anti-Gun Activist

No surprise, and this is related to my link from the archives at the end of this post – it’s time for some sensible gun control!

8/10 – #ClintonBodyCount versus #TrumpBodyCount

And interesting angle from an otherwise over-reported story – this one covers Twitter’s Idea Suppression

8/10 – Engineering a Generation of Disoriented Degenerates

I look forward to a day when we see schools dedicated to creating spaces for kids to actually learn something useful. Like maybe, reading, writing, math, science, history, etc?

8/10 – Biden’s gaffe is the left’s truth

A great dissection of what may be Biden’s biggest gaffe yet – no small order!

8/11 – Health care as abuse

The lesson from UK’s NHS that is lost on no Democrat here – state run health care is lousy at health care, but outstanding for controlling the peasants

8/11 – How to beat Biden: quote him

Good roundup of Biden’s may gaffes over the years, and a few gems even I hadn’t heard before. Bookmark this one for reference!

8/12 – Thank You, Tommy Lee

If that name sounds unfamiliar to you, Tommy Lee was the drummer for the legendary 80s glam metal band Motley Crue. The article looks at how comfortable Leftists have become in publicly acknowledging how much they hate half of this country. It’s hard to believe he used to do cool stuff like this.

8/12 – Sarah Silverman Blasts ‘Cancel Culture’: ‘They Fired Me’ Over a Blackface Photo

Some Conservatives feel badly for Sarah Silverman. I don’t. Let The Radical Left live by their own idiotic new rules. One other point of interest – Somebody whose name I can’t recall noted that SS lost her job, while Ralph Northam is still Governor of Virginia. Great observation! It’s scary that we’ve reached a point where Hollywood has a better moral compass than Virginia Democrats!

8/13 – MSNBC Guest: Democrats Must ‘Destroy’ White People Who Voted for Trump

As Kurt Schlichter likes to point out, just think of how kindly Leftists will treat us once we’re completely disarmed!

8/14 – Soy vs. Soy: Max Boot and His Leftwing and Neocon Allies Declare War on a Newly-Discovered White Supremacist Organization: The National Review

And the Vichy Conservatives are now eating their own. Good – let them antagonize each other, since they’re more interested in attacking Conservatives than fighting The Radical Left. Maybe next week’s National Review will have a clever take on The Conservative Argument for Abolishing the White Supremacist Rag known as National Review.

8/15 – Google blacklists American Thinker

Remember the good old days when The Radical Left pretended to be against election interference? Yeah, I feel old.

8/16 – Helpless Millennial Women Blame Trump for Disruption of CVS Mail-Order Birth Control Service

I noticed this trending on Twitter on Thursday night but didn’t bother to look until this post caught my eye. Like everything else with the Leftist outrage mob, it’s not even close the existential crisis they claim that it is

From the archives, with all of the talk of proposed gun control, we go back to last year where I offered A Simple Piece of Common Sense Gun Legislation the Will Actually End Mass Shootings

Have a great weekend!

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