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Welcome back, friends and neighbors! As always, Leftist insanity never sleeps – first a quick trip in the wayback machine for a few stories that slipped past me:

4/3 – It’s time to ‘unsex’ pregnancy

Apologies in advance for linking to The Washington Compost, but it goes down your typical Leftist anti-science rabbit hole that one would expect

6/30 – Should Antifa Be Designated a Domestic Terror Group?

There is one disturbing thing about this question being asked – Why in the Seven Hells is this still a question?!?

7/2 – Marx Got Economics Right, Comrade

Continuing with last week’s opening, we jump back for some good reference material on The Radical Left’s favorite evil ideology!

8/2 – 13 things that no one is saying about the Dem Debate 2.2

The always awesome The People’s Cube dishes out it’s brilliance on the debates. Here’s a taste:

The second installment began with the same conspicuous patriotism and anthem-singing. Only this time, instead of a choir of stray cats, the singer was a completely bald woman in monstrous sunglasses, which aptly foreshadowed the freak show about to unfold. Dee Dee Bridgewater was listed as a jazz singer, but her style was neither jazzy nor classy. It was rather an “I got drunk at a karaoke bar and totally forgot I can’t sing” kind of style.

It seemed that after 60 years of the Democratic one-party rule, the once booming city of Motown had lost not only half of its population and industries, but also all of its legendary performers. And the powerful people on that stage were itching to do the same to the rest of America, only faster.

8/2 – The Price Tag on Gillette’s Woke Anti-Man Ad? 8 Billion Dollars…

I’m old enough to remember when advertising was used to get people to buy your product! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the jet fuel geniuses who came up with this idea had their meeting.

8/3 – Raw human sewage all over the beaches of California is the perfect metaphor for the failure of liberalism

No further comment necessary.

8/4 – President Trump broke the rule to never hold a black politician responsible

Yet another display of ugly racism in America. I am, of course, referring to Democrats’ insistence that nonwhite people be held to insanely low standards. There’s nothing soft about the bigotry of low expectations.

8/5 – America’s Mass Shooting Nightmare (Video)

I rarely post anything when mass shootings occur since there’s rarely any angle I can add that hasn’t already been written about multiple times. This video from Paul Joseph Watson has a fresh angle – warning people from throwing out angry rhetoric before all of the facts come out.

8/6 – Anti-Gun Agitators Harass Sen. McConnell at His Home: ‘Just Stab the Motherf*cker in the Heart!’

This week’s edition of “Hey Lefties, do you see any way this kind of behavior might lead to something you won’t like?”

8/7 – Peter Strzok Sues DOJ for Violating His First Amendment Rights

The sense of entitlement in this town never ceases to amaze me. Back in the 90s when my Lefty friends in DC saw nothing wrong with President Clinton using a girl not much older than his daughter as a humidor, I had to explain that in the private sector if you get caught fooling around with a subordinate on company property you get fired. Immediately. Nor do you get to have your wife go on national TV to lie that this is some sort of conspiracy against you.

Now Strzok seems to think that the messages that he sent vowing to undermine his new boss aren’t grounds for termination. Yes, you have 1st Amendment rights to free speech, but Sphincter Muscle is not a protected class, and out in the real world using company hardware and networks to declare how you plan to sabotage your employer’s new management gets you fired. For real!

8/7 – Trump Supporters Cleaned Up Tons Of Trash And The Baltimore Sun Is Not Happy About It

As Bill Whittle likes to say, Democrats would rather rule over ruins than allow someone else take credit for prosperity.

8/8 – NBC Universal: We’re Not Canceling Release Of Film Where Liberals Hunt ‘Deplorables,’ Report Says

On the plus side, given how much originality we see from Hollywood these days it will be three or four years before we see an all female reboot that will make this steamer look good by comparison.

8/9 – California’s Minimum Wage Rules Kill State’s Largest Recycling Center

From the archives, since Michael Moore recently went on MS-13NBC braying for Michelle Obama to save the Democrats from their pathetic lineup of presidential candidates, we go back five years to Michelle’s efforts to hand the youth vote to Republicans – School Lunch Statism – The Republicans’ Latest Blown Opportunity

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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