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Welcome back, everyone! As summer approaches the unofficial halfway point I hope that you’re having a great one! Of course, our Lefty pals have plenty to be miserable about because they’re Lefties. Don’t believe me? Take a gander:

7/4 – Democratic Debates: Did Russia Pay These Candidates to Throw the Election to Trump?

Great read, and is this any more far fetched that the tinfoil hat conspiracy theories that The Radical Left has been throwing out since 2016?

7/5 – Biden Losing It – 2015/2016 Russian Meddling “wouldn’t have happened under my watch”…

I think those hair plugs might have penetrated a little bit too deep.

7/5 – Trump Fourth of July Event Cost About as Much as an Obama Hawaii Vacation

Not that any sane person cares about this, but a useful bit of info to share with any of your Lefty pals who are still shrieking over this

7/6 – THIS is what chicken sh*t liberal fascism looks like

ICYMI on Flopping Aces – Dr. John gave a great tweet roundup of Domestic Terrorists being allowed to roam freely in our nation’s capitol

7/6 – The Dean of Social Media

Mike S. Adams gives another update on tyranny at University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

7/7 – Airsoft Gun, Facebook Post, Kid And A School. You Can See Where This Is Going.

Maryland is gonna Maryland. Unfortunately there was no man in the household to defend the boy.
7/8 – Vulgar Anti-Trump American Fans In France Is How You Get Trump

And The Radical Left will never understand that they are 100% responsible for how we got to Trump

7/9 – The American Left’s Army of Dupes

Useful idiots

7/10 – Libertarian Group Demands NASA Remove False ’97 Percent Consensus’ Global Warming Claim

Useful for reference

7/11 – Boris Johnson can make Anglo-American relations great again

To steal a line that Lefties liked to use when talking about Dubya’s foreign policy, it’s time to begin with the generations it will take repair the damage the Obama administration has done to our worldwide reputation

7/12 – Gas reservation policy needed to fix ‘broken’ market, lower energy prices, says IEEFA

Tax cuts for the poor – of course Dems oppose it!

From the archives, a non-political piece. Independence Day marked the 20 year anniversary of a new phrase being introduced to the lexicon – Getting Harrisoned

On a programming note, there will be no TWIRL next weekend, as by the time you see this I’ll be on some much needed R&R (You might have noticed that I cheated on my Friday link be using a story from Australia since I had to wrap this up on Thursday). I had hoped to have a filler post for next weekend, but a combination of the job being busy and having to pack for me and Little Bob while Sister Babe was on a business trip took up my valuable blogging time.

Be good to each other while I’m gone!

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