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As someone who’s about to hit 20 years of living in the DC area, calls for DC statehood always rumble at varying levels of loudness. The practical answer it will never happen is that no party is going to give two new Senators to the opposition party that will have zero chance of ever being competitive. The legal answer is that it would violate The Constitution. Granted, for Lefties using The Constitution as toilet paper is a feature, not a bug, but I digress. The real answer goes back to why it was written into the Constitution in the first place – the capitol was placed in a completely independent district rather than any state so that said state would not receive more favorable treatment in congress over the non-capitol holding states.

Fun fact from my tour guide days here! The capitol was, of course, originally in New York. The southern states did not like that the capitol and its influence was located in the north and wanted it closer. The northern states relented and agreed to have a new capitol built at a halfway point, on the banks of the Potomac River. While the new capitol was being built, it was temporarily moved to Philadelphia. The northern states agreed to this because they wanted the capitol in Philly and thought that DC would never actually be built. So our capitol is built on one massive reclaimed swamp, hence the humidity and mosquitoes in the summer. Drain THIS!

But onto the point of this post, I’d argue that the #1 reason that DC should not be given statehood is that its residents don’t deserve it. If that sounds harsh, look no further than how many times did Marion Barry get elected to office even after his downfall? OK, that really isn’t a solid example to suggest the residents shouldn’t have representation in Congress. For that I turn to one of their residents.

You already know that last week’s collective meltdown by The Radical Left was President Trump’s Independence Day parade. And like every previous freakout, this naturally also turned out to be nothing. I read a few of the meltdowns / laughing at the meltdowns articles, but one that was included in my daily Washington Post roundup caught my eye:

No tanks, Trump. Real Washingtonians aren’t interested in your party. Ah, I see what you did there! “No tanks” – now that’s the kind of brilliant writing that makes me want to chip in to pay for the student loan debt of every J-School graduate! But before I even read the post I decided to click on the bio link for this literary heavyweight, Petula Dvorak. Just looking at the first page, she’s given us gems such as “Is Trump moral enough to run a bar?” (regarding a nuisance suit some haters are filing),”Everything wrong with Congress — in one ballgame” (Grousing that the mens’ team that generates more interest gets a larger venue), and of course,”We’re not the enemy of the people. We are the people.” (Andy Ngo was unavailable for comment).

First off, let’s look at what caught my eye, and probably yours as well – “Real Washingtonians” aren’t interested? Right off the bat, we see the line drawn where somehow being a supporter of President Trump makes you not a “Real Washingtonian”. As expected, the money quote comes quickly (emphasis mine):

This latest edict from Generalissimo Trump represents another insult to the residents of the nation’s capital, the people who live and work here, sink roots and raise families, coach Little League and organize neighborhood block parties. We didn’t vote for Trump (he won just 4 percent of the vote in the District), and we hate what he’s doing to our city.

Faithful readers will recognize that this is where I generally shift into high gear and eviscerate line by line every bit if Leftist numbskullery. That won’t be happening here, as the one line that I highlighted says it all. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of this sense of entitlement from Leftists who feel that respecting the results of a free and fair election only applies when their candidates win? We hear lefties grouse about how Trump has ruined political discourse in this country and this damage may never be repaired. Wrong. Trump is the effect from The Left becoming increasingly radicalized and someone on the Republican side of the aisle finally hitting back. In just the last week, The Radical Left came out against the American flag and even America itself, while a self absorbed athlete tainted the Womens’ National Soccer Team’s victory with her personal anti-American grandstanding while on foreign soil. Do you know what the scariest part of this is? I’m 100% certain we haven’t even come close to hitting peak anti-Americanism from Democrats.

Here’s my advice to Ms. Devorak, and any other Leftists who have been shrieking the “Not my President” or “I didn’t vote for him!” mantra:

Go (fornicate) yourself.

If that seems over the top, please repeat as necessary. One of the most critical parts of our political system working is the side that lost accepting the results. When one side feels entitled to declare an election invalid, they also declare invalid by extension, any actions by said administration as well as the people who voted for the winning side. So if you hate this country and its history so much, leave. Find a better place – I’m sure you’d fare well in Socialist paradises like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, or San Francisco.

In closing, if you’re a Lefty who’s convinced that this country is becoming a horrible place because of one disgusting individual, you’re absolutely right. You’re just wrong about the source – try turning off the TV and looking in the mirror.

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