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We watch with apprehensive incredulity at Democrat Presidential candidates brawling to outdo one another’s capacity to claim victimhood, and depressingly avow to outspend one another, abusing all taxpayers, while a majority of our media applauds their zealous scramble toward the destruction of America.     

Their tumult deliberately denies the fact that the single most critical element in the provision of oxygen for America’s long-term stability and well-being is the entrepreneur.  

The vast majority of Americans are not entrepreneurs, but they depend on the triumph of that minority whose determination, creativity, and inclination to take risks, contributes to the Nation’s advancements, to its innovation, to its stability, to its science and development, and to its economic foundation-building and job creation.    

Too many on the left, as proven by former President Obama’s policies, simply do not understand entrepreneurs, and in fact set out to over-regulate and tax them.   They can’t seem to grasp the fact that only giants like Microsoft, Google, or Apple, can afford to deal with the harassment. They do, however, understand the political rewards of rampant “crony capitalism,” which we witnessed under the last Administration. Creating government jobs “builds”  bureaucracies, and those always-bloated and continually ballooning authorities stifle the very entrepreneurs who’s taxes finance them. 

The current crop of 20+ Democrat hopefuls evidently seeks to outperform Obama’s disastrous record when more businesses were closing, than were being formed, . . . for the first time in US history.  They are determined to out-redistribute Obama.  They don’t comprehend that redistribution does not work. Never has. It only reduces available jobs and incomes, while propelling cash off-shore and bulldozing productive environments and factories to foreign lands.  We experienced enough of that over the past three decades.

Economic health depends on the income of as broad a percentage of the population as can be achieved.  The income increases in turn increase consumption.  On the other hand, doubling the national debt, as was done by the last Administration, does not improve long term consumption, but in fact the burden suffocates the coming generation by guaranteeing that it will be deprived of oxygen.  

As I have often written here, senior bankers, along with the Federal Reserve, support the left and its socialist policies, and they love the concept of nations without borders, . . . witness Europe.  They know they can control the left and can manipulate the dollar and borrowing, . . . at will.  Again, witness Europe. 

Bankers thrive when those who should regulate them, are drenched in ignorance.  IMHO, the bankers have overplayed their hand over the past thirty plus years and they may have fuelled a monster they cannot control as the media pushes a Marxist agenda favoured by the vast majority of indoctrinated colleges and universities.  Self-actualization and initiative are being supplanted by victimization.

Senior bankers have never been “friends of entrepreneurs.”  Small regional banks and private savers have historically furnished fertilizer for the entrepreneurial spirit.  Senior bankers, along with their media and Democrat acolytes (with some Republicans), have too long enjoyed the game of crony capitalism. 

The full frontal assault on entrepreneurs, as well as small to medium sized businesses, by the extremes being introduced on the Democrat campaign trail is worse than proof of self-righteous ignorance.  It is evidence of a willful commitment to reduce American productivity and stability. 

The left’s contemptible assault on entrepreneurs is a hateful attack on this rare bastion of Liberty, America.

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