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Well, this has been an interesting few weeks, hasn’t it? The big tech companies that swear to high heaven that they are in no way biased or trying to interfere in America’s free elections have gone out of their way to censor them while being exposed trying to interfere in America’s free elections due to their bias. If you’re reading this you’ve already read or watched plenty of news on this topic. If you get your news from CNN or MSNBC you probably have no idea of what I’m talking about. Or maybe you read The Washington Post, that would be the newspaper that Leftists claim that they read for Conservative views. Let’s take a peek into the Outlook (Editorial) section from this past Sunday’s Washington Post, shall we?

“Wait a minute, Brother Bob! A roundup of Leftist insanity? Isn’t this just a lazy way for you to replicate your weekly roundups as an excuse to provide an easy post?”

To which I respond: You’re only saying that because it happens to be true.

Kidding aside, we get the Sunday WaPo because Sister Babe likes reading a physical newspaper over weekend breakfast. I get that, and in fact she mentioned that back in the day when she thought about what married life would be like she envisioned her being with a guy with whom she could share weekend mornings with reading the paper over breakfast. Little did she know that while she would get that element to her life, she’d be married to a guy who would be looking for some of the more insane articles for the purpose of ridiculing in blog posts. But it works for both of us, and isn’t that just one part of a happy marriage?

Getting back from my tangent, once in a while I get to talk with some Lefty who insists that The Washington Post is a Conservative media outlet. And yes, they all say it with a straight face. So on Sunday morning I skimmed the paper for good articles to read, and when I got to the Outlook section I was genuinely impressed that this week *every* article in there had some dose of Leftist insanity. To recap from the top of page 1:

The best way to deal with Iran? The agreement Trump ditched.

Before I stopped spending  casual time on Facebook (I still use this page to promote stories), every other week I’d put up a sadly regular post that I dubbed “This week’s edition of Iran/Cuba sneaking up behind Obama and yanking down his gym shorts in front of the girls’ locker room“. However much I did not like how President Obama led our country, I honestly took no pleasure than watching petty dictators make a first class fool out of my President. The money line from this article?

Most critically, it was designed to buy time.

It extended Iran’s “breakout” time — how long it would take to build a nuclear weapon — from a few months to a year or more. And it left room for the possibility that domestic and international events, including continued diplomacy, could slowly effect change in the Iranian government’s nuclear, domestic and foreign policies so that they would no longer run counter to U.S. interests.

“Buy time.” Meaning that a nuclear armed Iran led by religious fanatics is inevitable, but hopefully at some point they’ll stop hating us.

A Match Made in Heaven

According to a government report, marriage carries with it more than 1,000 federal rights and benefits. States add hundreds more. They cover a range of matters, from tax advantages to the right to inherit pensions and Social Security payments to child custody.

This “Small l” Libertarian has endorsed this view for nearly 20 years – I oppose gay marriage out of respect for religious beliefs, but fully support Civil Unions so that being gay does not mean government discrimination against you. But where has it gone today? The picture that was wallpapered across the front page of the Outlook section summed up why I now staunchly oppose almost anything that the gay lobby supports.

What does this image say to you? For any Lefties reading this, if that image seems innocent or empowering, picture the background as a Gadsen flag or MAGA on a red background. I’m guessing you wouldn’t see it as an image of triumphant empowerment. This could be a post of its own, but you get the idea.

Reparations for Slavery aren’t nearly enough

Yep, Reparations aren’t a solution, but rather just the beginning and a precedent for every Leftist grievance mongering group!

Why Immigrants Deserve to Come to Richer Nations

Simplified argument: It’s their turn to return the favor of Colonialism. While there’s no denying that colonialism hurt their colonies in some ways, one also can not deny that they also brought benefits, most notably in life improvements from technology. The big difference is that European led colonization wanted to bring the lives of the colonized up to their level, while the current reverse direction is to bring Europe down to the level of the home countries.

Five myths about Hong Kong

These are usually relatively balanced posts by WaPo standards, but for this one we’ll just focus on one that sums up the Leftist point of view:

Myth No 1: Hong Kong is protesting to protect its democracy

This segment gets into a Monty Python-esque breakdown of how Hong Kong is not a true Democracy. No (guano), Sherlock. They’re just a bit more interested in not being under the boot of Communism.

Weight discrimination is rampant. Yet in most places it’s still legal.

I’m not even going to address the health implications. When the day comes that a male strip club is forced to hire me and rely on women willing to pay money to see me naked I’ll take this argument seriously.

Liberalism is Under Attack. Liberals Need Better Answers

When I saw this headline I was spitting into my batting gloves and tightening my knuckles around my bat ready to knock this fat pitch clear over The Green Monster. Unfortunately, the article was little more than a massive word salad. Even when it came close to making a valid point by noting that Obama acknowledged his own failures, the answer was basically, “we need better marketing”. I think. If you’re willing to spend five minutes reading this trash and see something I missed I’m listening.

Is it okay for a white novelist to write black characters? I’m trying

Let me take it one step further – is it okay for a Leftist to write non-lobotomized characters? Asking for a friend.

Defying Nationalism, Einstein’s science crossed borders

Angry religious zealots denying science? This sounds like your typical Climatista

When astronomers sent Chuck Berry and Bach to dance among the stars

Cool read about the Voyager Spacecraft. Nothing remotely partisan here, so obviously this breaks my assertion that every Outlook article had a Leftist slant. Hey, at least I’m honest! But don’t worry, in the next article WaPo jumps to one of The Radical Left’s new favorite Vichy Conservatives…

A Defense of conservatism that veers toward liberalism

At some point in 2016 The Radical Left learned to love George Fwill’s bow tie (emphasis mine):

He charges both parties with abandoning the founders’ vision in the aftermath of the Civil War — indeed, he claims that “John Locke died at Antietam” — both increasingly seeking to use government as “the provider and enlarger of freedom” but achieving the opposite. Will concludes that a rededication to a classical liberal philosophy will usher in better (or less) politics, a result of a liberated economy and a more spontaneous order.

Wrong. Correct, both parties have, as Lefties like to put it, evolved. One is committed to destroying this country. Here’s a crazy idea – hold off the judgement on the party that’s fighting for what you pretend to believe in and fight them once our common enemy has been defeated?

How scholars in a few cities kept ancient knowledge alive in the Dark Ages

Like two links ago, this was completely nonpartisan, but more of a history lesson. In my defense, rather than straight editorials these were book reviews. But don’t worry, WaPo will finish strong:

The ‘partisan’ players transforming the Supreme Court

Forget the content – the fact that this article is even being written makes my point – Why on Earth is appointing judges who swear to uphold and defend the Constitution somehow controversial?

And, as a parting bonus, I snagged one headline from WaPo’s front page:

In 2 brutal killings for Islam, a weapon for the far right

In the online version the headline and bylines take a slightly different angle:

Murder in the Atlas Mountains

In a crime apparently intended to impress the Islamic State, two Scandinavian women were brutally slain in Morocco. The killings were seized on by the far right to attack Islam.

Yes, we’ve gotten to the point where asking a woman out on a date is considered offensive, while men murdering women from The Religion That No Leftist Dare Criticize creates a concern about backlash against murderers.

As I mentioned earlier, I know that this reads like one of my TWIRL recaps but there is a point to this. The big techs’ dishonesty with us may be a finally revealed open secret, but let’s not lose sight of how the legacy media has been biased against America for years now. And even though it’s not as flashy as pointing out what Big Tech has been doing, don’t let it diminish the malpractice that Big Media has been doing for so long that it’s barely newsworthy anymore

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