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Welcome back everybody! Let’s get to the crazy:

6/18 – Study: Almost No Straight People Are Willing to Date Transgenders

Damn. How do I get paid to conduct a study that shows that straight people want to date members of the opposite sex?

6/21 – How long before we begin burning witches at the stake to counter ‘climate change’?

I’m OK with this as long as we ensure that each Climate Denier Witch weighs as much as a duck. Why not? My method is as sound as the rest of their science.

6/22 – Bitter LGBT community purposely working to contaminate the blood donor supply

This is happening over in the UK, and nothing Governor Moonbeam hasn’t already legalized over in Northern Venezuela.

6/22 – Anarchists at UT Austin Threaten Incoming Freshmen With Doxxing if They Join Conservative Groups

Sadly, we’re reaching the point where lawsuits and violence are the only things that the savages that make up The Radical Left will respect.

6/22 – Trump and Iran: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

It is kind of funny watching the Leftists in the press and the Democratic Party freak out that they weren’t given the war in the Middle East they so desperately hoped for.


Even the cowards at the Leftist Star Tribune has been forced to stop ignoring this story.

6/24 – Project Veritas Reveals Google’s ‘Fairness’ Efforts to Prevent 2016 From Happening Again

(Emphasis mine)

“Elizabeth Warren is saying that we should break up Google. And like, I love her but she’s very misguided, like that will not make it better, it will make it worse because now all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation. It’s like a small company cannot do that,” Jen Gennai, head of Responsible Innovation at Google Global Affairs, tells an undercover Project Veritas journalist in the video.

Maybe this is just me, but shouldn’t any company that has the resources and lack of competition to pay somebody to be the “Head of Responsible Innovation” get targeted to be shut down or broken up by the government on general principle?

6/25 – Clint Eastwood defies abortion boycott, says he’s gonna film new movie in Georgia

What was that ad campaign for some bourbon company? I believe it was “Get older. Get better.” They should have hired Clint for their ads.

6/26 – Climate Crusaders Defeated in Oregon—For Now

I followed this story for a bit, and even I was surprised at the disgusting practices The Radical Left was taking in their attempt to destroy Oregon. And it’s pretty hard for Leftists to surprise me these days.

6/27 – Joe Biden Learns You Can Never Be Woke Enough

I wouldn’t have minded Bidet getting a pass for every bout of verbal diarrhea that he passed if Republicans would get the same consideration. So let’s go to the great Kurt Schlichter to give Biden’s soon to be dead political career the pre-mortem it so richly deserves:

Joe recently mentioned how he was able to work with the loathsome Democrat racists infesting the Senate when he got there in the early ’70s. They were a different breed of loathsome Democrat racists back then. They hated everyone who was not white. Today’s loathsome Democrat racists now hate everyone who is, but they are more flexible than that. The loathsome Democrats of today are not merely racists, but sexist religious bigots who hate men, observant Jews and Christians, as well as individual members of sexual and racial minorities who reject the poisonous ideology of progressivism. Their word for this evolution is “progress.”

What’s hilarious is Baffled Joe’s reaction to this perfectly predictable uproar. He was legit outraged that anyone would say something like this about him, yet it was cute how he was surprised at the world he made and at the behavior of the Children of the Damned he helped raise. Joe was happy to slime Republicans with the same kind of garbage he’s lately been pelted with. Remember what he said about Mitt Romney, who is useless for dozens of reasons but none of which is that he hates black people? Joe said: “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains!”


The byline says it all – “When everyone is Hitler no one is Hitler”

ICYMI – Better late than never, I wrote about a Farewell to a Memorial Day Tradition

ICYMI II – Good week; I actually got two non-TWIRL posts up in one week, the second one coming as I watched the Kiddie Table Democrats’ debate – Julian Castro for President!

From the archives, let’s observe Gay Pride Indoctrination Month with The Bigotry and Intolerance Behind the Gay Marriage Debate.

Have a great weekend and a fantastic Independence Day!

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