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Welcome back everybody! Given that we’re all probably at least somewhat busy this weekend this will be a relatively light post. On to the crazy!

5/17 – Mass extinction lie exposed: life is thriving

The Radical Left promoting a narrative based on junk science? I am shocked! Shocked that intellectual malpractice is going on here!

5/18 – The Godawful New Official SJW Batwoman Trailer

In a way I respect the CW Network’s candor. At least instead of ruining some DC superhero story after a season or two, this time they’re ruining it before the series even launches.

5/19 – Windmill feasibility

One simple graphic that perfectly illustrates why Leftists don’t give a damn about the environment

5/20 – Lefties Sure Do Love Political Violence

This week’s edition of “You Lefties aren’t  thinking through where your actions are going to lead, are you?”

5/21 – Impeachment is now the only play the Left has

This week’s edition of “The Only Thing we Have to Offer Is… Fear Itself!”


He makes a good case – Muslims vs. the Gaystapo, and I have to agree with him as to whose side I’m taking in this.

5/22 – The Deep State Just Killed Space Force—and Endangered Us All

Let’s hope that this isn’t the end of this story.


The MSM being dishonest? I am shocked! Shocked that intellectual malpractice is going on here!


Once the fascists on the left eliminate the Electoral College they’ll be able to export the success of California to the rest of the country!

And from the archives, did you hate the ending of Game of Thrones? While it had flaws, Sister Babe and I seem to be in the minority of people who liked it. My biggest complaint about the series was how they handled Stannis Baratheon. First, the series completely botched the surprise of his army’s run-in when the Wildlings were laying siege to The Wall. But more importantly, they cut out the great reasoning he gave for his move afterward. How great was what Stannis said? In the eight years since I wrote this post he remains the only person to get endorsed for President of the US from Brother Bob in Stannis Baratheon for President! 

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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