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Welcome back, everyone! First let’s go back to the ancient times of last week with a few to lead off the insanity that comes from our Lefty pals:

04/28 – Democrats Say Trump Not Allowed To Discuss Ralph Northam’s Infanticide Advocacy

Following the Bro-Fo Omar model, the newest form of hate speech from Conservatives is to accurately quote Leftists

04/29 – Authorities To Arrest Canadian Father If He Refers To Trans Child As Her Real Sex

Not that they give a damn, but if there are any sane members left of the gay community, taking a stand against something as wrong as this would do a lot more to showing us normals that not all Leftists are hateful and intolerant

05/02 – Obama saw the 2016 loss of Hillary Clinton as a ‘personal insult’

To paraphrase an old joke that I remember hearing about frat boys:
“How many Barack Obamas does it take to change a light bulb?”
“One. He just holds it up and the world revolves around him.”

05/03 – INSANE VIDEO shows KIDS in Philadelphia Muslim center chanting about DECAPITATING their enemies!!

Add this to the list of things that are shocking now but will probably be part of the platform for the Democratic party’s presidential nominee in 12 years

05/04 – Pelosi Wants Progressives To Rein In Their Message. She’s Afraid Trump Will Make This Move If They Don’t.

As much as I dislike Pelosi, I wish our side were as brilliant at tactics as she is. That said, I love how she’s now basically powerless to stop the “Bats*** Crazy Caucus” that’s taking over her party.

05/05 – The Einstein working for the Senate Democrats

I love stories like these – poll gets launched. Rude surprise follows.

05/06 – WATCH: PA State Rep. Brian Sims Relentlessly Harasses An Elderly Pro-Life Lady On The Sidewalk

Isn’t the honesty refreshing now that Democrats no longer feel the need to hide how much they hate half of this country? And he also wants to dox some teenagers.

05/07 – Crushed by the Leftist Juggernaut: One Lawyer’s Story

A scary and sobering look at how one half of the country feels it is OK to treat the other. And I would add that as it continues to get worse, the Vichy Conservatives still seem to think that it’s ungentlemanly to fight back.

05/08 – The Democrats’ Sore Loser Syndrome

I’d take The American Spectator’s R. Emmett Tyrell’s assertion that Democrats haven’t lost a presidential election since 1956 – when is the last time the Dems’ ran a presidential nominee who didn’t hate America? I’d argue that it was Gore, as he didn’t seem to hate us until after we rejected him.

05/09 – Progressives Face a Bleak Post-Mueller Landscape

To steal that great phrase I recall Rush using years ago as a take on FDR’s most famous line, “The Democrats’ new slogan should be, The only thing we have to offer is… fear itself!

05/10 – Chris Buskirk: Yes, David and Nancy French, A Christian Can Support Trump

Stories like this make me want to go bak in time to cancel my subscription to National Review a few years ago, as opposed to last month.

From the archives, remember Occupy Wall Street? While folks from our side got annoyed at having these thugs and vandals compared to the Tea Party, I pointed that It turns out that the OWS Protesters Are Just Like the Tea Partiers After All!

One last note regarding this week’s Twitter roundup – while I generally keep them on the humorous/mocking side, the first one is pretty heavy and has a thread below it well worth reading. Keep it handy for any of your Lefty friends who’ve never read a history book and need to be educated at to what Nazis actually were.

On that cheery note, have a great weekend, everybody!

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