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First things first. The Barr hearings are not really about Bill Barr. They are about something much, much larger. For some democrats, it was a chance to score “I want to be President” points. For the remaining others, it was a opportunity to smear Barr and impugn his integrity. But it’s all a plan. There is a goal. There is also a great fear. That fear ignited into a firestorm when Barr declared that the Trump campaign was spied upon.

In the Senate hearing, democrats embarrassed themselves with their derision of AG Barr. It was shameful. It was disgraceful.

Crazie Mazie Hirono assailed Barr and she got ripped by Lindsey Graham.

The freaking idiot Blumenthal said history will judge Barr harshly. Barr handed him his head

Booker was his usual stupid self.

Barr agreed to appear before the House committee but after he agreed Nadler changed the game and decided he would bring outside lawyers in to put Barr on trial. Staff members have never in history been allowed to ask questions so Barr blew then off.

Barr was MORE than transparent with the Mueller report. There were far fewer redactions than anticipated and Mueller did not disagree with Barr’s statement of the conclusions.

Ted Cruz made the democrats look like the idiots they are.

Afterward, Nancy Pelosi called Barr a liar. That’s a very serious accusation and if she doesn’t act on it, SHE should resign. Pelosi ducked the impeachment issue at her news conference:

At a press conference on Thursday, Pelosi justified her long standing reluctance to begin the impeachment process, calling it “the easy way out” for Republicans who are “complicit in the special-interest agenda,” because they know the effort would “end at the Senate’s edge.”

The media was giddy about her accusations of Barr lying.

Kasie Hunt asked if Barr should go to jail.

MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian asked for the best way that they should go after Barr.

“You’re bringing up a really good point here. Because one of the, I think, directives here, and the big question here is, do we pursue the Attorney General until he provides testimony for the House? Or, do we pursue the unredacted Mueller report along with testimony from Bob Mueller? Is that where we put our energy?”

CNN deceptively altered a video to make Barr look bad.

The frenzy is real. The fear is palpable.

With well-choreographed leaks and hyped headlines, the Democrats and their allies in the media want to create a feud between special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and Attorney General William P. Barr. The goal: Suggest that the attorney general acted inappropriately and obscured the real conclusions of the special counsel’s report. But after hours of stagecraft and stump speeches in the form of questions from both sides of the aisle, two real questions remain: Is there any daylight between the attorney general and the special counsel? And is the basis for the hearing, as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told reporters, now “over”?

Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) offered a different view, tweeting, “What I just saw from the Attorney General is unacceptable. Barr must resign now.” Does anyone think her tweet wasn’t written before the hearing even began? Anyway, based on their interventions, the Democrats saw Wednesday’s encounter with Barr as their chance to poke holes in the Justice Department’s conclusions about the Mueller report. For his part, Barr kept his cool and tried to stay out of the political fray, mostly answering questions with a simple yes or no. When there was an actual legal question, he expanded on his reasoning. He was by far the most adult character in the room. Make no mistake: What happened on Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee was not a hearing; it was two separate show trials in the same room. The drama setting the stage for today’s hearing was the leak of Mueller’s March 27 letter to Barr. That letter’s most critical line suggested Barr’s conclusions on the report “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of [the special counsel’s] work and conclusions,” and went on to urge that Barr release more information. Well, two weeks later, Barr did just that by releasing the full report, minus redactions. No one could reasonably expect Barr’s original four-page letter to capture the full essence of a two-year investigation that cost tens of millions of dollars and dominated news cycles since mid-2017.

democrats know they have one arrow left in the quiver- destroy Barr. Impugn his integrity. Sideline him. Demand his resignation so they can obstruct the truth once again. They were able to push Sessions and Nunes aside with bullsh*t accusations and stymie them for a while to throw them off the case.

That crap is over.

No collusion, no obstruction.  Period.

Yes, Trump was spied on.

There was a conspiracy, but it was the DNC plotting against Trump with the Ukraine.

Now it comes- the FISA abuse, the abuse of the FBI at the top levels, the Obama DOJ and if we get really lucky, Obama himself.  Democrats are threatening to hold Barr in contempt and throw him in jail. Some of the same a**holes threatening Barr now (Nadler) voted against holding Eric Holder in contempt despite him refusing to hand over documents.

Even at CNN, legal analysts are saying Barr should tell them to “pound sand.”

An analyst for CNN is tearing into congressional Democrats for “overreaching” after Attorney General William Barr decided to ditch Thursday’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee following Wednesday’s Senate hearing.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin noted that Barr’s refusal to go to Thursday’s hearing was a lesson of “the powerlessness of the House Democrats,” adding that it demonstrates if the Trump administration tells the Democratic-led House “to go pound sand, they’re going to have to go pound sand.”

This time, there’s no way the dirtbag democrats can stop it or control it and the louder the left wing media gets, the closer to the truth we are.

Winter is here, liberals.


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