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Happy weekend, everyone! Sorry about last weekend’s blip in posting, as Flopping Aces got taken down by a server attack. Hopefully this weekend will go better:

4/18 – Northam calls for Jefferson Davis arch on Fort Monroe to come down

Well, he is an authority on racism that needs to be torn down

4/19 – Michelle Obama: USA to Get Sick After Fun Weekend with “Divorced Dad” Trump (Video)

Bill Whittle at his best, although the quote from Michelle regarding her husband is more golden than anything that anyone else could say

4/20 – Mitt Romney clutches his pearls

Good post, and read it to the end – it perfectly sums up how we got to the 2019 version of Mitt Romney

4/21 – The World Needs Fewer Cersei Lannisters

Sister Babe forwarded me this one, simply for who wrote it. Apparently Fauxcahontas is so desperate for attention that she’s writing Entertainment articles now. Sister Babe didn’t think I was funny though, when I asked if the article included any claims that Warren was 1/1024th Dothraki.

4/22 – CNN Correspondent April Ryan Attacks (Threatens?) Sarah Sanders: ‘Start Lopping the Heads Off’

When CNN Attacks – I

4/23 – George Mason University President Reaffirms Decision to Hire Kavanaugh for Summer Job

Kavanaugh survives another attack, this one engineered by a Clintonista. I really don’t think that Lefties are thinking through where they’re continuously pushing the envelope will lead.

4/23 – April Dumb Ryan Spazzes Out — Again — and Says That Mike Huckabee Is Going to Hell Because He Disrespected Her

When CNN Attacks – II

4/24 – Pro-Lifers Target House Dems

I recall a post a while back from Kurt Schlichter pointing out the the Dems’ pushing their views to the extreme of endorsing infanticide is going to bite them hard. What he sees happening is their views being so extreme that it will cause people for whom abortion isn’t a high priority (such as myself) to actually start caring about it. Way to go, Democrats!

4/25 – No, the Press Didn’t Get The Big Things Mostly Right on Collusion

I generally avoid the whole Russiagate story because the Leftist delusion has gotten incredibly boring. This link makes it for its source. When you’ve lost Rolling Stone…


Biden is wrong? It must be a day ending in a “Y”!

From the archives, we go to the final chapter from this series: Economics for Politicians Chapter 10 – Solutions! or You’re not Part of the Problem – You ARE the Problem!

Have a great weekend!

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