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You’ve probably heard about how the 2016 Presidential Election has been called “The Flight 93” election. Check this article in The Spectator from just a few months ago:

What happens when Americans sense that there is a contempt for God, marriage, children, morality, free speech, free association, hard work, individualism and decency and the contempt is led by the Democrat President and amplified by the media, entertainment, educational, and cultural elite? The government subsidizes bad behavior by seeking out people to put on food stamps, gives out “free” phones, encourages illegal behavior, degrades the military, dismisses acts of violence against voters of a certain color, and uses the force of the State to investigate and harass political opponents.

Read the whole thing. So why do I see Jussie Smollett as the mascot for the next year’s election? You already know his story. And the story of Brett Kavanaugh. And The Covington Crucifixion. And the entire tinfoil hat Russian Conspiracy Hoax that’s gripped the hearts and minds of many incredibly gullible, spiritually needy people for the last two years. And the fake hate and real fear brought on by Trump Derangement Syndrome? And…. I could go all day here.

Even with all of these high profile stories are among the many that seem to have been constantly in the news since late 2016, one story really hit home with me. Last month I think that I spied this story among others over at Ace of Spades. Sadly, I think that stories like this are becoming too common to get the headlines that they deserve. Nancy Rommelmann at Quillette wrote a great piece about how The Internet Locusts Descend on Ristretto Roasters, a story of how a Leftist owned coffee shop in Portland came under assault by one entitled child who they had been kind enough to employ. Don’t read this story just before going to bed, as it will make your blood boil. I know it did mine.

I have invited my critics to speak with me; the whole point of #MeNeither is to provoke discussion. Only one woman took up my offer. It is evidently easier for some random guy on Facebook to send me the message, “You are scum. Rot in hell you dirty bitch.” Those with a bit more ambition have taken to phoning all my husband’s purveyors and telling them to discontinue their relationships with Ristretto. There is purpose here; there is drive; there is, maybe, a sense of triumph at a business being eradicated. “Yes, the delight in the potential destruction of others,” agreed Heying. There had, she added, been “total dismay in some corners” when she and her husband had survived.

Dismay seems to be the very sustenance of these campaigns. The digital activists swarm like locusts, descending and leaving the earth shorn before moving on to the next field. But what lasting satisfaction can there be in forcing a small business to close and its employees out of work? Do the people leading these crusades picture themselves as admirable figureheads? If so, they seem to be steering into perpetually unhappy waters, full of hazards real and imagined, with the pervasive fear that everyone and everything might harm you so you must harm them first.

Read the whole thing. Just not before bed. The disturbing thread among each of these stories is The Radical Left’s love for destruction, regardless of whether or not there’s any substance behind the accusations aimed at whoever may be their latest Emmanuel Goldstein. What constructive ideas do we see from Leftists? #FightForFifteenDaysSeverance? The Green New Deal, which is the anti-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – two horrible tastes that are disgusting together? “Saving” America by erasing our southern border to allow foreigners to vote in our elections, packing the Supreme Court, elimination of the Electoral College and the Senate? I could fill this post with links to cities that decades of Leftist rule have ruined – Baltimore, Newark, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, just to name a few off of the top of my head. Or look at various entertainment outlets that Leftists are happy to go send down the crapper – comic books, Star Wars, Star Trek, the NFL (though to the league’s credit, they stopped giving a megaphone to its SJW nimrods), late night comedy, etc.

At the end of the day the one common thread that among all of these is that The Radical Left is not content to allow us Normals to enjoy our lives in peace. What they can’t control, they’re happy to destroy. The one ray of hope is that after the political success of Obama (before everyone jumps on me note that I’m only referring to his political success, not the failure his presidency was), the Democrats have become so far radicalized that they don’t even feel the need to hide how much they hate half of this country anymore. We need to take every radical and every crazed position they have nad do everything we can to make them famous.

And as Bill Whittle has often said, “Democrats would rather rule over ruins than to allow someone else get credit for prosperity.” This is their platform, and one that we have to fight in 2020.

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