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It’s never a good week for The Radical Left when learning that a hoax whose goal was to stoke racial division has ties to their Messiah is not even their worst news. “Wait a minute Brother Bob”, some of you more astute readers may be saying, “Wasn’t it just last summer you were telling us about The Month that We Learned that Democrats Are Horrible People Who Hate America? Why yes I did! And kudos for paying attention! But unlike last year’s post where I cited several events that led me to that conclusion, this post relates to one single event.

The big story of the last week was the Meuller Report, or more accurately, what even the radicals at CNN confessed was “A big nothingburger” when they thought they were speaking privately. What was worse was how both the perpetrators and the dupes of this hoax have reacted in the aftermath. While one might expect apologies or some form of contrition, most of you know that Being a Leftist Means never having to Say You’re Sorry. Instead we’ve seen the predictable denial, rage, and lashing out, rather than looking inward as to how they were duped by their latest God That Failed. But aside from this being the latest apocalyptic world ending outrage that Lefties seem to cook up every month, what is it that makes this one stand out?

Before I go any further I have to disclose that as this post was kicking around in my head, Timcast posted a video that partially beat me to this idea. His idea is just different enough to warrant the click through, though. To get to the point, the most disturbing part of the conclusion of Russiagate is that The Radical Left showed how much they truly hate America. While that sounds like hyperbole, let’s break this story down to its most basic elements:

  • In 2016 the United States elected a president who may be the biggest Emmanuel Goldstein that Leftists have ever known
  • Part of this hatred was driven by the notion that our president was secretly a Russian agent
  • You know, that president who enforced a red line in Syria that his cowardly predecessor wouldn’t by having our forces destroy a few thousand Russian mercenaries, pressuring Europe to do their part in their self defense, also warning them about being dependent on Russian oil, etc.
  • We finally “learned” what every sane person capable of critical thinking has known since 2016 – President Trump did not collude with Russia to defeat the senile, treasonous alcoholic who the Democrats hated America enough to vote to lead our country

The million dollar question to every Democrat now is….. Shouldn’t you be happy? You tell us that you love this country. Well, most of you. OK, some of you. Forget how much you hate your president with every ounce of your being. However much you despise him, isn’t the news that he is not a puppet for a foreign country good news? For the moment we’re going to ignore how you spent the entire Bush (43) presidency insisting that we allow ourselves to be lead by foreign governments. Nor will I remind you that the smartest woman alive tried to hand the Russians a “Reset” button before taking bribes in exchange for uranium. Nor how the smartest man to ever walk the Earth might have spent the last two years chiding you that, “The 80’s called – they want their foreign policy back”.

Seriously, if you genuinely love this country while hating your president, is it not good for America that he’s not what you thought he was? Of course, you can still hate him for how he’s been ruining this country with job growth, rising wages, becoming a net energy exporter, lack of new wars, opposition to infanticide, etc. And of course, you can still oppose him to save the world by banning cars, planes, cheeseburgers, etc – we can respectfully disagree.

But if you’re angry that we have a president who puts America ahead of foreign powers, well, it says a lot more about you than it does of him.

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